Fast Cars: 2018 Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Matchup Review: The Minivan Wars Are Back!

Fast Cars: 2018 Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Matchup Review: The Minivan Wars Are Back!

Awesome fast car review: 2018 Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Matchup Review: The Minivan Wars Are Back!

( ) 2018 Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Matchup Review: The Minivan Wars Are Back!

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47 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2018 Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Matchup Review: The Minivan Wars Are Back!”

  1. Work on both. See way more Hondas in the shop for nickle and dime crap. Sensors, controls, suspension nuts and bolts. Not very reliable compaired to the Pacifica. Would buy a Pacifica hands down over the honda

  2. There is some comparison between the two on paper. Once you test drive them then it's a nobrainer. Honda is refined for everyday use. Chrysler designers it seams had no idea how the car will be used.

  3. If I were to buy one I wouldn’t get either. Would get the 2019 sienna. 290HP D4-S 3.5L V6 with the 8 speed automatic. I hate ZF transmissions and Honda’s transmission. The reliability down the road wouldn’t be worth it to own either one. Toyota’s reliability and dependability is 100 times better than both of these.

  4. Since yesterday, I have the Chrysler Pacifica S… And I love it. Ok, my wife loves it 🙂 But she allowes me to drive sometime 🙂 When I dont want to drive my '16 RAM… greetings from germany. I love TFL! You are great!!!

  5. I got so sick and tired of seeing single mans strapped for cash coming in with Chrysler mini vans that couldn't stay running and the mom could not afford! We got to a point where we worked to help get them a Toyota or Honda hopefully before their vans started to break and I floated loans to three different people to help them!! If I never see another Chrysler van I will be a very HAPPY man! LOL

  6. BUY the Honda! The re-sale value alone should convince you. Honda builds GREAT motors. The Chrysler………! The Chrysler vans just have too many problems. Talk to mechanics with a lot of experience with them! We see those damn things come in jacked up ALL the time! They motor can't hold a candle to the Honda Period!!! Their transmissions which have a LONG history of failure…………….they are not worth buying. Do some research and look at the transmission problems that company has had going back even before the Ram disaster! Honda has a very strong and reliable transmission. Chrysler has a lot of motor problems. Remember………….they are a FIAT now! Fiat's numbers are down so far they are thinking about leaving the United States! NOT Chrysler though, obviously Chrysler will stay. There is a HUGE quality gap here and the Honda is on the GOOD side of it!

  7. My folks just got the new Honda Odyssey that brought me here and is totally awesome!! And don't mind the dark-gray 2015 Elite hand-me-down. Never heard that much of Pacifica, looks interesting; however, I practically grew up with Hondas from Accord to Odyssey. As a college student, I also like driving the Odyssey, roomy for hauling stuff, fun to drive around and seems to be a "celebrity" in its own right. Aside from a couple of European cars in the family, Honda is still the ol' time favorite!! Like America is America, Honda is a Honda…Honda Odyssey all the way!!

  8. The Honda has ridiculously low ground clearance. I wouldn't buy it. The Pacifica Hybrid will have a higher resale value because of the gas mileage.

  9. I think its kind of sketchy for them to give him the top of the line 2018 Odyssey, but then a 2017 Touring L Plus Chrysler….one year older and not the top Limited model. If Honda wanted apples to apples…..where's the 2018 Chrysler Limited? Ironically….they have footage in the beginning of a pewter colored Pacifica Limited driving away. Doesn't really matter….with 3 kids I've done extensive comparing and driving of all minivans available and the Pacifica is king right now.

  10. I have to say, compared with other TFL reviews, this one is lacking. Videography is poor and often disorienting, and the overall edit feels shoddy and disjointed. I’d like to see a better version of this comparison done that isn’t paid for by one of the competitors.

    Still, I’ve liked the host on other videos very much. This one is just a miss for me.

  11. I bought my wife a 2018 Pacifica Touring Plus with S package. It's ocean blue with the 20 inch black wheels. Bought it 2 months ago. We absolutely love it. The interior is nice,and very spacious. It drives like a much smaller vehicle,and has plenty of power. It's my first Chrysler product. I had very bad luck with Toyota,so I didn't even consider the Sienna. After the issue my sister in law has had with her 2014 Accord,Honda was not even considered. I know it's still early,but this vehicle has changed my opinion of Chrysler.

  12. First off the Pacifica's highest level trim (limited) blows the Odyssey away in terms of features, quality and luxury feel. I am not surprised Honda supplied a lesser equipped Pacifica. Elite is hondas top trim therefore they should have compared to Pacifica top trim, the Limited. So right out of the gate this mashup is crapup. Honda and Toyota will lose their throne to this van, and if you don't believe it to be true, go see a limited Pacifica for yourself, then drive it, it crushes both the Odyssey and Sienna, both vans that I have owned. Pacifica may be late to the game since the minivan market is shrinking and evolving, but one thing is for certain, the Pacifica is going to seriously challenge the Honda and Sienna. Even the reviewer wasn't willing to give the nod to Honda. Go look at the Pacifica, drive it if you can and you will quickly realize Sienna (15 year old platform) and Honda's redesign aren't on par.

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