Fast Cars: 2018 Hyundai Sonata: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Fast Cars: 2018 Hyundai Sonata: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Awesome fast car review: 2018 Hyundai Sonata: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

( ) 2018 Hyundai Sonata: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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34 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2018 Hyundai Sonata: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know”

  1. What people don't understand is that you get a whole lot more for a lot less in the Sonata. You also can walk away from the dealership for thousands less then with an Accord or Camery with the same features. Personally, I think this 2018 model will stay looking new and fresh for years to come. You can't beat the mpg along with Hyundai's best in the the industry's warranty!

  2. Dont like this new no bumper style with the grille coming all the way down. Think audi started it ,may because i have a big nose ? Think all grille out front looks lazy and imbalanced ,all nose.

  3. I wish they would offer a normal Limited model with the 2.0T engine instead of the current Limited 2.0T model which uses the same rock hard over bolstered seats, flat bottom steering wheel and boring silver interior trim.

  4. WHAT has happened to the panoramic glass sunroof. That is a major selling point for which I love on my 2016 LF Sonata. It appears Hyundai have reverted back to the nasty hole in the roof type sunroof. Major, stupid deal breaking fail if that's what Hyundai has done. It is as dumb and stupid as when Samsung dropped the expandable memory on the Galaxy S6 phone which made that model a deal breaking failure.Why do Korean manufacturers not recognise their product strengths and remove those very features from their products.Incredibly infuriating changes made just for the sake of change.

  5. Removed the Sonata from my list of vehicles to test drive after finding out they are a primary sponsor of Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity is a sexist, bigot, and a liar. The family of Seth Rich who was brutally murdered begged Hannity to quit maliciously spreading lies about their son to no avail. I think The Sonata is a beautiful car and it was at the top of my list but I am one of those consumers that believes in doing what I feel is morally right through my purchases. As long as Hyundai advertises with Hannity I will not consider their product.

  6. Hyundai, don't refresh too dramatically, it will piss off people who've only had the car a couple of years.  The C pillar still needs some work design wise, otherwise good riding car though.  They have 0% Lease rates, which means sales are low/down.

  7. Car manufacturers are competing with each other to come up with uglier and uglier front designs. This is total failure, almost more ugly than Acura's diamond superman grill. Terrible.

  8. For that Money i prefer a TESLA Model S P100D much better Performance and Safety – Full Self-Driving Hardware – Electric All-Wheel Drive – 17'' Touchscreen – Only 2 bottom on the Dashboard ( Simplistic and Clean dash) , that what i Call Perfection ( ICE Internal Combustion Cars ) Are Noise, Vibration interior, Oil Chances, Sparks plugs , V belts etc ( Nothing of that on TESLA CARS ) Go Tesla .

  9. Everything I ever wanted to know? I heard no mention of whether or not it still comes with a panoramic sunroof. I've seen other videos of the Limited but didn't see dual exhausts or a panoramic sunroof. The new Camry is starting to look a lot more appealing.

  10. Am I the only one worried that I have yet to see the panoramic sunroof?…it really distinguished this car from the rest in the older models…please don't tell me they got rid of it…

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