Fast Cars: 2018 Lexus LS 500 Review: Top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises!

Fast Cars: 2018 Lexus LS 500 Review: Top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises!

Awesome fast car review: 2018 Lexus LS 500 Review: Top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises!

( ) The 2018 Lexus LS 500 is the Flagship of the brand so it has about every luxury item that Lexus can cram into the sedan. These are the top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises Counted Down.

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38 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2018 Lexus LS 500 Review: Top 5 Unexpected Luxury Surprises!”

  1. UGLY piece of SHIT toyota GARBAGE has Nothing on Real True Luxury Cars Like BMW AUDI INFINITI or Mercedes this is just another HORRIBLE and HORRIFIC toyota POORLY designed GARBAGE just like everything else toyota makes

  2. Just found out that the cd slot is for flac file music.
    So you can take advantage of the Mark Levinson sound system of the car.
    Better than the highly compressed music of spotify.

  3. I love the new LS! I actually prefer this over all of the German flagship sedans because reliability and fuel economy are more important to me than ridiculous V8 bragging rights. This twin turbo V6 is refined, plenty powerful enough and is the most efficient int he class. This car will also be trouble free as long as you want to drive it, not to mention that it looks amazing. My only real gripe is the infotainment system. They need to add smartphone mirroring ASAP! Great job Lexus!

  4. automatic braking is terrible. here's why: detects someone in front of you. stops. 3.can car recognize if someone is threatening you or not? example: they are pointing a gun at you in order to kill you or take your car. now the very technology designed to protect has now been the direct result of you being killed. can someone answer this???

  5. Interior…for sure a step towards the big dogs that set the standards, but the exterior…really a bit too garish. There is sport, and luxury, example pull out the chrome for the coupes and or the GS, but at this level, it just looks like it’s a super Asian racer…not a confident classic luxury cruiser like it’s trying to compete with. Interior:class, exterior:gaudy

  6. Continental and genesis looking better than this, pretty disappointed with this LS. Looks like a mix of a Camry and Mazda 6. Last gen, the grille looked way better but what I like about the Lexus interior is the screen. 500 should have been 5.0 v10 and not a tt. I doubt they'll get the projected 50+ demographic on this

  7. It's finished BEAUTIFULLY! It's impeccable! But this techy design language doesn't translate to luxury products. It's more special edition NIKE then DIOR, and that is a problem. Even tesla has a strict design language, and technology is all they are selling.

  8. I've owned 2 Lexus LS, and I'm driving the second one currently, 172k miles, except tires, the timing belt and water pump EVERYTHING is original, and it still quiet like an electricity car, 18 in city 25 on highway.

  9. I was liking it… right until the part about no Apple/Android…. May be older folks who historically buy this (I’m 61), but I love my tech. Back to Audi/MB tests.

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