Fast Cars: After Living with a New Ford Fiesta ST for 5000 Miles…Here’s What We Learned!

Fast Cars: After Living with a New Ford Fiesta ST for 5000 Miles…Here’s What We Learned!

Awesome fast car review: After Living with a New Ford Fiesta ST for 5000 Miles…Here’s What We Learned!

( ) After 5000 Miles Living With a Ford Fiesta ST | Here’s What We’re Learned!

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43 Replies to “Fast Cars: After Living with a New Ford Fiesta ST for 5000 Miles…Here’s What We Learned!”

  1. Dam… i payed too much . Im glad for all of you who got sweet deals ! My car at 40k mikes is great. But anytime i hop into another car i realize how uncomfortable it is, but i forget about it once im enjoying how it drives. But ya, without ideal roads at the wrong speeds will exhaust you. Now in mine the other annoyance is that it seems like every plastic and interior part crackles and creeks and makes my old 02 prizm sound and feel like a brand new high end luxury car… plus the heater wont blow hot till its been driven a 10 miles wich sucks when you live in cold country and work is 3 miles away… I know i could enjoy the wonderful qualities of this car more than i do, i baby the thing because I want it to last should i keep it around for a long time. But i do find myself thinking I'd rather have something more comfortable for my daily driver or finding ways to make the ride smother via different tires and rim selection..

  2. 0-60 is probably the worst aspect of the Fiesta ST. On back roads and even the freeway it feels so much faster. I have never had a problem passing or going up-hill. The ride is harsh and the seats can be a bit uncomfortable on long drives. Its a great car and can be used as a daily but I would have at least 2 cars if you want a Fiesta ST. I have had 2 ST's 3 years between the two and 40k miles or more driven. COBB tune on both vehicles.

  3. I own a ‘16 FiST factory ordered and want to chime in on a few things :
    – Recaro seats are a must. In Canada they are standard from factory. Allow them to break in and they’ll be crazy comfy + they’re heated !
    – Ford put a very conservative tune from factory with : No boost in 1st gear; limited boost in 2nd gear + 87 octane compatible tune. With a Cobb AP and a tune you can release the full potential and get smthn close to 300 lb/ft of torque from stock turbo in all gears ! You’ll only struggle with FWD grip and start looking for bigger tires to put all that power torque down!
    – Ford equipped the ST with the same rear motor mount as the regular Fiesta so one needs to throw that into garbage and instal an upgraded mount (Cobb for example) so the motor doesn’t hit heatshield and no lost power / jerky shifts.
    – Stock exhaust is meh. A SS exhaust with or without upgraded downpipe makes an amazing difference. Mine sounds awesome with a Stratified pops and crackles tune + Cobb SS catback
    – People like to talk sh*t abt the FiST and their owners. Fact is I still love the car after 2 years of ownership despite owning another car and a sportbike. In the future the only cars I am considering as an upgrade are ones in the new Corvette category and price point.

  4. I like how you asked about whether you should buy a Rebel for long term testing in about a dozen different videos, without really asking about any other vehicles. Now, you tease losing the Raptor for this, but trading this in for something special to make up for it…

  5. The ride is probably what makes most over 30 get rid of it. The Sony stereo is quite awesome for a factory no charge radio. The looks are awesome. Super easy to drive. The Civic Si has terrible rev hang . The GTI is boring and really doesn't have much character. Every car has negatives, you gotta see what you can live with the best.

  6. I did a long, 4000 mile cross-country trip last summer. Cruised at 80 or more (90 in Montana), and the car felt planted at those speeds. I wasn't being a mileage jockey at all, and averaged 31.7 for the whole trip. It's a hoot to drive, fast or slow. There's nothing like it at the price point. I'll keep it for years.

  7. I am on my second one. First one was a 2014 and now have a 2016. I put 60k on the 2014 and have 50k on my 2016. I have a company car now so i dont drive it as much but when I do, it is still a blast to drive. Only thing I did to either one was on the 2016 I cut out the resonator and sounds better without being obnoxious.

  8. 5000 miles is not long term… 70-80k is long term come on now. There is going to be a review out saying “long term review” with 5 miles on the car…. like what?

  9. I am going to miss this car. You said it wasn’t fast in a straight line but at that small imi track it was very hard to beat. I hope you get new 2019 raptor with the updated suspension as replacement, and you tune it.

  10. your Fiesta ST is equipped with a full size, dissimilar spare tire assembly. Although the spare is a traditional, full size tire (as opposed to a mini spare), it is different in both size and handling characteristics from the standard Fiesta ST performance tire.

  11. 0-60 sub 7 seconds, tons of midrange torque, super light and you guys only beat a couple of cars drag racing? Either something is wrong with your car or you guys can't drive. Granted the best part of the Fiesta is the handling but you guys fail to mention it beat a lot of those cars around the track.

  12. I like it, for a daily commuter in the city.
    But,..I now have a 2017 Ford Escape, 2.0 Turbo with the trailer towing option, and am looking forward to 'trade in day' and the new Ranger.

  13. Ah man, what’s it going to get traded to? But I get it, I’ve had my FiST for two years now and I want to trade mine in for a Miata some time next year.

  14. I am getting 27.7mpg average over 9700 miles so far, mixed driving, highway/stop and go/lots of idling. I guess I'm nit driving efficiently? Maybe I am. I was getting 30mpg in a Honda CR-Z hybrid with CVT with the same driving type.

  15. Does the elevation affect the performance of this engine all that much given that it is turbocharged? I was under the impression that only NA engines were badly affected by reduced oxygen at altitude

  16. 1:58 why start the car to turn the wheel and then shut it off? Just turn the key to the on position and then you can turn the wheel! I have mechanical empathy and quick start-stops make me cringe 🙁
    And 4:42 monroney? lol it's maroney but great review overall. My upstairs neighbor (who is extremely good-looking, mid-20's) drives a Fiesta ST and I think I want one now lol

  17. I have a 2011 Fiesta hatchback ses manual transmission not the sport model and it really doesn't feel like you are riding on the road or in a little race car. I have been in other brands subcompact models and felt like I was riding on the road. The Fiesta is extremely Comfortable for me to drive and gets much better gas mileage. That being said my dad finds it a little small for shifting as his feet are big, but being a passenger in the front seat is comfortable. I basically only have dogs and small people ride in the back seat. It is amazing what you can fit in the Fiesta especially if you put the back seats down. I brought a desk home in it I got from a friend, I have brought bags of fuel home for the stove, mulch for the yard I even have brought trees home I just put them out the top of the sunroof. It's a workhorse of a small car.

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