Fast Cars: All New 2018 Jeep Wrangler: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

Fast Cars: All New 2018 Jeep Wrangler: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

Awesome fast car review: All New 2018 Jeep Wrangler: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

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38 Replies to “Fast Cars: All New 2018 Jeep Wrangler: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!”

  1. TFL! What do you guys think about 4Runner vs Jeep JLU for on-road manners? Now that Jeep has improved, do you think the JL has the edge over the 4runner for both on-road and off-road performance?

  2. Love it and hate it. Way overpriced and now your local soccer mom, hoped up on Xanax can now run you over even more. Can I get a basic wrangler with zip up windows?

  3. First of all a Rubicon is NOT a "hard core" offroad Jeep. it may be a bit more substantial than others and I like some of the features. For today's yuppie 4×4 wannabe's it may be better but hardcore, nutha. 4:88 rear end would be nice

  4. for your music intro please try some smooth/cool Jazz. i.e., Coltrane, Davis, Baker, Brubeck, that should give you some direction. Thanks.
    plus, you guys will be fully responsible for my next rig purchase, so I'm watching you!!

  5. That front window is total fail. Who wants to have free folded window in front shaking on roof when off-roading ( no fixing point to fix front window down) and also eliminate visibility by some inches due to thickness and curve of frame and height in which is placed when folded down. It is like have massive spoiler on GTR, but in this case is it in front of the car. Priceless. rest is impressive and well designed on purpose, but this front window is really missing point

  6. This is the third review of the JL that I have seen. They all seem to extol the sissyfication of the JEEP and criticize the on road performance. We want Jeeps for the ruggedness and simplicity of design for off road use and easy modification. We want to do the gear shifting. The push button start and the start-stop technology are Not Desired by the true JEEPIST! This is for mall crawlers and soccer moms. If you want a sissy car, get something else like a soccer mom pseudo SUV. If they keep this up, sales will become stagnant. They need to keep focused on the Jeep community and not on delicate and unnecessary upgrades. This is why American industry, especially the auto industry is always struggling. Rather than perfecting a known best seller, they want to add stuff that no real value for other than the rich and infamous.

    So I am off road on the Rubicon Trail and I want to have a quiet ride, a push button start, and a Jeep that guesses at what gear to be in, and every time I pause the engine dies. Glad I have a 2016 JK. My next might be the 4Runner TED Pro.

  7. I've owned TJ and JK 2 door Rubicons and am completely impressed with this new one. They kept the 2 door tight..this truck allows me to spend less money on road work on the thousands of acres of land I own yet still access remote areas of it. V8 in Trackhawk but not Wrangler sucks. Roman you guys are the hardest working reviewers on YouTube and with Google it must be hard to break even keep up the good work!

  8. I'm absolutely in love with the new wrangler. and the fact that jeep is FINALLY putting a little desiel in the wrangler is so awesome I'm about to have a stoke.

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