Fast Cars: Bring It On: Scouting Our Newest Off-Road Test…Cliffhanger 3.0!

Fast Cars: Bring It On: Scouting Our Newest Off-Road Test…Cliffhanger 3.0!

Awesome fast car review: Bring It On: Scouting Our Newest Off-Road Test…Cliffhanger 3.0!

( )Join Roman as he Scouts a newer and harder off-road trail for TFL’s Cliffhanger series of videos reviews.

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36 Replies to “Fast Cars: Bring It On: Scouting Our Newest Off-Road Test…Cliffhanger 3.0!”

  1. You should take a Wrangler Sahara or sport with good off-road tires and see how far you can make it on that trail when there's not very much now. Do the same with the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk good off-road tires and the Jeep Grand Cherokee with good off-road tires. Would like to see how far they could get on that trail. I'm sure a Rubicon Wrangler would do pretty well on that trail. I'm sure the off-road Colorado would do well there!

  2. Colorado is cold, windy and snowy… Horrible here. Your better off where your at. Especially if you're from California… Just stay there. Nothing to see here.

  3. Hey guys quick tip. Try not to launch the drone from a metal surface or even near metal. It will cause compass errors and bye bye drone. I have operated high end dji drones for a few years now. Just dont want to see your drone fly away one day.

  4. Roman I don't even know why you even went up there in the first place. When I heard the forecast and the gentleman that was talking says it was as bad as it was that's not worth your life.

  5. Was up there last Sunday with the wife's Cherokee Trailhawk. Got up about 3/4 of the way, was very icy. Used branches and stones and dirt to try to get all the way, but the last section was just too steep and icy. Had to back down almost 1/2 mile to turn around. nice trail, will be back.

  6. i don't think u will get many companies that will want to keep giving you vehicles to test if u take them on this trail and come back with "pin stripes" all down the sides… you will have to come back and trim back some of those branches on the trees before you start testing.

  7. Wow great video and thank you for the information on the temperature swings and reasons. I lived in CA in Boulder Creek on Hubbard’s Gulch Rd. Two insane mountains meeting with a river at the base. Same go away city boy attitude. I grew up in CT and we headed to VT or NH for my mountains. The west is on a 100x crazy increased scale and magnitude.

  8. What do you have against "Pennsylvania Gulch?" Name something that's un-named! Now you've introduced 650k people the the solitude the poor folks who live along PA Gulch were trying to keep. Oh well. They'll probably put up signs saying "Welcome to Pennsylvania Gulch. now leave." 😉

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