Fast Cars: Classic Revealed: Is the 1969 Citroen DS 21 the most beautiful car of all time?

Fast Cars: Classic Revealed: Is the 1969 Citroen DS 21 the most beautiful car of all time?

Awesome fast car review: Classic Revealed: Is the 1969 Citroen DS 21 the most beautiful car of all time?

( ) The 1969 Citroen DS 21 is perhaps the ultimate French luxury car. It represents the best (and some would say worst) of French Automotive technology, design and research and development. Think of it as France’s automotive equivalent of sending a man to the moon.

Here a short list just some of the unique features that 1969 Citroen DS 21 helped pioneer:

Adjustable and self-leveling suspension that allows the car to drive on only three wheels an can raise and lower the car from 3 to 14 inches

– Headlights that steer up to 80 degrees
– Aerodynamic futuristic body design
– Hydraulic suspension, clutch and even transmission

This just a short list of features that make the Citroen DS such iconic car. In fact many would say the Citroen DS features the world’s most influential auto design. It was named the most beautiful car of all time by the prestigious Classic and Sports car Magazine.

Check out the this video as we show you what makes the 1969 Citroen DS 21 such an iconic car.

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34 Replies to “Fast Cars: Classic Revealed: Is the 1969 Citroen DS 21 the most beautiful car of all time?”

  1. Jay Jay ingocnito
    1 second ago
    I recently got my citroen 1220gs 1974 after waiting months for it, when i first saw it it was starting as i remembered it from when i was a teenager it came by a flatbed truck, but i was dissappointed to find it was not starting properly as it did before, the solex was replaced with a weber the points and condensor was replaced the timing was out, other things like the spheres and timing belts i expected to replace, it has a hydrolic leak i cannot find and the switching lever for height control is mixed up somehow. what is the easist way to determine where the leak is, and how do i fix the height control.

  2. Congratulations. To maintain such a car in US requests an incredible ability. Even in France, not easy… I owned some interresting cars : a 74 Dodge Dart Swinger (I loved this car but damnshit I had many problems with it) a Funny Citroen 2 cv, and now a 66 Sedan 404 Peugeot SL, but the greatest experience I had as a passenger and as a driver was with a 73 DS Pallas. We crossed France at 160 km / h (in the late 70) 110 miles / h with a little wheeling noise maybe a gravel in the tyre, and reaching Casablanca (marocco) we realized that a rear tyre s sole was torn up on maybe 10 cm….

  3. The Jaguar E type is the most beautifull car ever.
    But the Citroen DS is an excellent runner up and more practical, reliable, better engineered; in short a far better automobile.

  4. I had one GS and it saved my life as I blew right front tire without noticing but for the noise. It never lost control and I was able to change tires and back on route

  5. In the early 70's my father's business was trade shows, he would regularly drive from U.K. to Marseille in a Ford Cortina III 1.6, ok at 70 mph but any more was torture. These DS's would waft past at 100 mph, suspension hunkered down.

  6. Even in France, it´s difficult to find somebody able to repair the suspension system. If you get any problem, the car uses to low down and you cańt move it any more. The Ds is my favorite, but I prefered a 404 Peugeot, more simple, more reasonnable.

  7. 0:45 made me cringe already.. its hard to maintain and air suspension? really? hydropneumatic suspension. also, if a fool maintains it of course its hard. i like how citroen some how go the reputation of its cars not lasting long, yet if theres a company with their old cars still being used as much as citroens then tell me why i never see those classics on the road

  8. The introduction of the DS series in 1955 signalled that France had Fully Recovered from WWII. The development of the Air Ride Suspension for this car started in the 1930's, and Citroen managed to keep it Secret from the German Occupiers for the duration of the war.

  9. I owned one. Nothing you say about this car can be exaggerated. It is unique among all cars, and the most innovative car ever designed, in its time or after.

  10. I've been so lucky to have owned, (in Australia), five beautiful, Citroen DS's and one ID 19. The top of the range 1975 Citroen Pallas, automatic with air conditioner, was my very favourite. Worse day was when it was sold. I've been looking for another automatic for years. Wish I could find another one in Australia…. while I can still drive…. not too many driving years left! The comfort and ride are extraordinary.

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