Fast Cars: Classics revealed: The 1963 Dodge Power Wagon one ton pick-up still at work

Fast Cars: Classics revealed: The 1963 Dodge Power Wagon one ton pick-up still at work

Awesome fast car review: Classics revealed: The 1963 Dodge Power Wagon one ton pick-up still at work

( ) The classic 1963 Dodge Power Wagon is a classic one ton pick-up that could and still does go anywhere. It was built on a military frame designed for the second world war and sold In America until the seventies. Today this classic American pick-up will still haul your stuff to the most remote places on this earth.

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40 Replies to “Fast Cars: Classics revealed: The 1963 Dodge Power Wagon one ton pick-up still at work”

  1. Love to see these trucks restored to factory specs. Way too many owners trick them out, and it always spoils the original integrity. This is a fine example of how to do it right.

  2. I love the old iron, for it's old for reason. You can not brake it. I am looking for a 1960 HI truck, for I lost a DNR 1960 HI One ton Truck. I do have the bumper and Twelve ton wench from it.

  3. Car beautiful, historical, and I had a counterpart in the area of ​​scrap they need maintenance and return to work which is found in abundance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, used to walk on the sand in the desert about 50 years ago

  4. Without a doubt these were some of the finest looking trucks ever made by anybody and needless to say that now days to GET one all I can say is DIG DEEP! To get into a truck like this today and in the shape that this one is in you looking at a good solid 50K plus, I found one in Duluth MN last summer that was beautiful in every way and it was a decent deal at 45K! I have always been a large fan of Military dodges and about 30 years ago I picked up an M-37 cargo 4×4 for 600.00 it was in prime condition no rust ran perfect so of course I sold it! I just bought another one for 8K in beautiful shape and it was a truly great deal since now the going price for them in 12K and above! I am not a mopar fan but will always love these old Dodges!

  5. Yeah, I don't know if this is a 1963. I just bought a 1963 Dodge W300 Power Wagon and it looks nothing like this. This looks more like a late 40s model

  6. Trucks back then  were utilitarian & made for the working man.

    Trucks today are made to haul children, pick up groceries and appeal to women.

  7. Nice truck. If you like power wagons, check out the 1953 – 1955 International R 140 4×4's. 1 1/2 ton (yes, 1 AND 1/2 ton) factory 4×4's…. only 995 made. It is a beast.

  8. Best looking Pickup ever. I learned to drive my dad's WC military version, a beast. Dodge should offer that body style, timeless classic. If they built it with 4:10 gears and the ecodiesel, whoot!

  9. my dad had one for a wrecker,i got to go along to hand crank the rear winch to raise vehicles,it was a power company vehicle so it linemen boxes up above on the sides,a removable v boom on the front for lifting things,my family still has it

  10. I've seen house moving company's use nothing but old power wagons to move the homes, 1st gear low range, slow and steady is the only way to move a house

  11. my dad had one just like this, and had it in mint condition in the 90's. but hes such a hard core rancher that he could have cared less about it. he used and abused the thing and now its rusted to hell with everything falling apart and broken lights with hornets nesting in them. hell you can't even go in the thing anymore without being stung by hornets. anyhow, he used it to drag logs and carry concrete and stuff. sad 🙁

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