Fast Cars: Classics revealed: The Ford GT40 rides again

Fast Cars: Classics revealed: The Ford GT40 rides again

Awesome fast car review: Classics revealed: The Ford GT40 rides again

( ) The Ford GT40 is one of the world’s most stunning and recognizable race cars. It combines a drop dead gorgeous and curvaceous body with a massive engine and an unbeaten racing pedigree against Ferrari that makes it one of the most iconic race cars of all time. In this exclusive TFLcar video we visit Superformace in Southern California to check our their version of this iconic car that was blessed and modified by Carroll Shelby. Yes you too can own a new GT40. A new car that is carefully crafted to even the smallest detain to match either the Mark I and Mark II GT40 that went on to win almost every important race that it entered.

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  1. Don't forget the Wyer GT40 that won it twice wasn't a Shelby car……. also Shelby gets all the credit but what he did was take the Eric Broadly design GT40 (basically a Lola Mk6Gt with different clam shells) and hot rodded it in much the same way he did with the Cobra….. What John Wyer did was take the Mk1's that were still in England (never went to the US) and put his touch on it.

  2. Stunning cars no doubt, but "exactly the same as the original car"? Mmm yes, except for the left hand drive and the non use of Girling brakes, although maybe that's not such a bad thing. As far as I can tell by looking at my die cast GT40 models, all the 1966 Le Mans Mk IIs, numbers 1-8, the two Gulf Mk I winners '68 and '69 and all the Mk IVs were right hand drive. The black #2 also left hand drive at 11.25 in the vid has a Gurney bubble. Why? Surely the Dan Gurney '66 car #3 was the only car that had one. Presumably as SuperFormance is an American company, if all the cars were 'exactly the same as the original cars' with right hand drive, made for sale in America, how many would they sell? Fantastic copies nevertheless.

  3. Without doubt one of the best looking cars ever built. I don't mean pretty This cars design says what it is. Was lucky enough to poke around a Gulf Gt40. The other car that fits this bill was the 250LM Ferrari, that was a beautiful car.Saw 2 of those 1 was raced in Australia by a David McKay who crashed it at Sandown Park in Melbourne. That car was a common site for a number of years at race meetings here; the other was the road car in a gorgeous green colour of the Australian importer of Ferraris. I saw that car in the paddock at a race meeting in Melbourne. Ford built a few road legal examples of the GT40. There was a story about those in Sports car Graphic in 1966. that I still have. It cost me 2 weeks allowance, I was very young at the time. But the Gt40 has to be my all time favourite car.

  4. I can see where this car would be my "Mistress". lol. The car just has a look of going 200 mph while it's parked. I remember back in 1984, a friend had a 1965 Excaliber, I did all the mechanical work on it, Studebaker chassis, 327/350 Chevy engine, borg-warner T-10 4 spd, 10 bolt posi, fiberglass/aluminum body=2450 lbs. People pull up alongside and staring over and inching over into my lane, had to gas it and get out of their way, lol. Yeah, you really have to be alert when driving classic cars.

  5. What does he mean by "427 stroker"? Is it an engine that was stroked to 427 from a smaller engine or an engine that was a 427 that has been stroked to something larger?

  6. These cars are so freaking gorgeous in comparison to cars today… these are just so much more beautiful, timeless, and authentic. All of the super cars today look kinda soulless, and robotic. Too techy.

  7. I can't believe how inexpensive these cars are…all things being relative… I would take one of these over anything on the road now…period. With the big block thank you very much….. I thought these guys were in South Africa….when did they move?

  8. It was a big shame that Ford only built the 'new' Ford GT in left hand drive. You would have thought a percentage could have a RH configuration, to pay homage to the original. As far as wheel spinners are concerned, all knock-off spinners have a counter thread on the opposite side – eg Ferrari Daytona's to name just one of many.

  9. The right-hand shift is definitely interesting. I own a RHD MG Midget, and while it took a little bit of getting accustomed to, it doesn't bother me much at all.

  10. Shelby din`t do anything to the GT40`s, he handled a Mk1 over to Holman-Moody who totally rebuilt the car as they did with the tiny AC Cobras. All the racecars were built by Holman-Moody in LA while the 289cui-equipped road-versions (based on the Mk1) were built in Britain. This one here is a road version.

  11. Great, but you can't say the Ford GT "outclassed" the Porsches in 1969.  Porsche entered the new 917s, which were still not sorted out in terms of aerodynamics.  Still, it was only the reliability problems that made them lose the race, with two cars retiring from the lead, one of them in the 21st hour with a 50-mile lead!  And still, the old and outdated 908 almost won, losing by mere seconds to the winning MkI.

  12. Ford GT-40, the best of both worlds. Superb handling and aerodynamics thanks to Brits and the massive, reliable, godly sounding, horsepower monster of a V8 thanks to the US. Say what you will, but this car is the sexiest automobile ever created thanks to Ford, Lotus, and of course Carrol Shelby.

  13. I'm surprised that most of the GT40's are being bought up by Europeans, all I ever hear is them bitching about our "sloppy, big-engined, bad-handling, only-good-for-drag-racing, heavy sports cars". Apparently some of them get it.

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