Fast Cars: Classics Revealed: The Shelby Cobra

Fast Cars: Classics Revealed: The Shelby Cobra

Awesome fast car review: Classics Revealed: The Shelby Cobra

( ) The Shelby Cobra is perhaps the World’s most iconic and thus copied car. Less than 1000 original Ford AC Cobras were built by Carroll Shelby. Tens of Thousands of copies of the original 289 and 427 AC Cobras exist with most of them being “kit cars” copies. In this exclusive TFLcar video we visit Superformace in Southern California to learn why the Shelby Cobra is such an iconic race car and automobile. Superformance along with Carroll Shelby’s own Shelby Automobiles, Inc build what many call “Continuation Cars”. These are brand new Shelby Cobra roadsters and coupes that have official Shebly CSX serial numbers. They are of course not the original series of Shelby Cobra cars which now demand hundreds of thousands of dollars by collectors when they do come up for sale , but they are also not copies. They are simply new Shelby Cobras built as a continuation of the original series of cars. In other words, these are new Shelby Cobras. If you are a fan of Carroll Shelby and his cars you’ll like this video as we get deep into the history of what many believe is America’s most beautiful and iconic race car.

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  1. oh yea : the chicken farmer that defied all engineering by sperming European chicken cars with big American cock engines the famous 427 , and gave birth to the Cobra beast , epic move by Shelby 🙂

  2. Earlier comment by Foxtrot Oscar, he's absolutely right re AC Cars, the rest are copies the only ones that have a link to originals are the tribute Cobras that Mr Shelby was involved with in Las Vegas. Incidentally I saw Shelby at Ardmore the New Zealand Grand Prix around 1959. The family farm was nearby so we'd walk the eight or so miles across country to the event, names such as Moss, Brabham, McLaren, Schell, Bonnier, Flockhart to name a few. little did we know then what the future was for Mr Shelby. My Mother was an amatuer photographer back then, somewhere there is a photo of Shelby and the other drivers, she photographed the lot.

  3. I could not believe I was smiling like an idiot the whole time watching this video. I could not imagining driving this thing. I want one so bad.

  4. Okay, I had to stop watching a couple minutes in. Hitting the paintwork repeatedly with your METAL watch band is just unprofessional and rude. No regard for who owns or how much time, money, and effort went in to that car. Then the sound mixing: whoever was dubbing music louder than the sidepipes on those cars needs to be fired. This is a channel for car guys… whom by and large want to hear ENGINE NOISES, not cheap overdubbed “music”.

    Plus facts. No, these are not “real” Cobras. They’re damned fine copies, or replicas, but they aren’t “real” Shelbys. Get your facts straight before blathering on camera misstatements that can be unwound with a mere 5 minutes of Googling.

  5. A car built under license isnt a pre title car bearing the Shelby CSX# required by the US DOT . I own a Real Shelby and get really tired of hearing " I have a Shelby too , it was built in South Africa by Superformance and has a 302 in it " . I couldnt be more happy for someone who finally got their Cobra . But having A Shelby Cobra and having a Superformance Cobra Replica are 2 completely different things .

  6. Does anyone can please explain why the same guy says this 2:57 and than 14:40 "it is a true Shelby Shelby Engine in a Shelby" i mean does this guy not remember what he said before the Shelby Cobra is a completly different Car ?

  7. cobra is the hottest car ever built.. I don't give a rats ass about numbers or all that.. just look at it!.. being a zillion years old.. I remember clearly when they came to the dealers.. and none of them looked that clean or shiny.they were pretty cobby and race ready, no bull cars.. you put stripes on, or had  them done on order.see some old films of the 60's..

  8. shame no one mentions this car is not a shelby but a superformance,both are great cars but the superformance is no close,body lines,chassis and stance are totally different .SPF is essentually a modern street rod dog leg chassis with a shell that sort of looks like a cobra.

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