Fast Cars: Does The New Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Set a TFL Track Record? Hot or Not Review

Fast Cars: Does The New Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Set a TFL Track Record? Hot or Not Review

Awesome fast car review: Does The New Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Set a TFL Track Record? Hot or Not Review

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47 Replies to “Fast Cars: Does The New Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Set a TFL Track Record? Hot or Not Review”

  1. Crazy update just happened tesla hired Randy at Willow Springs and tune the Tesla with new tires and it just beat the alpha Romeo. Around the track at Ties Porsche Cayman brand new and ties 2011 Ferrari 458. Say goodbye to gasoline everyone because tesla just beat the gold standard around a racetrack people who love gasoline are running out of excuses

  2. The performance pack variant came out the same time as this version, the owner just didn't order it with the suspension/brake/tire/wheel upgrades. That version would do a lot better if you want to track the car, this version is mostly for having an insane 0-60 time on a daily driver.

  3. Roman I’m confused… I know your partial to ICE cars but it seems like your not testing the performance motor car. Is it the partiality playing a roll here? At higher altitudes the Model 3 should be getting faster not slower. Are you protecting the ICE cars from Tesla?

  4. This car is begging for proper tire and brake upgrades, not just track mode.
    0-60 in 3.7s is the slowest I've seen from this model, fastest was 3.1s but I was expecting something closer to 3.4s here.
    Was the battery half empty? That can noticeably affect acceleration if too low.

  5. 2:43 the acceleration options are “chill” and “sport” (you only get “sport” on the performance model) so this is definitely a performance model 3 w/o the performance package.

  6. Tesco with a lithium cell is defiantly not the future, if we all switched – the world would be out of lithium! It's a stop gap fad! That said, tesla have some of the best motor technology out there at the moment.

  7. Nice list of laptimes, it even included bmw i3 😉
    Tesla would deserve at least some performance tires. It should do better than the bmw 340i

  8. Where do we go fron here? 3.7sec is well into Carrara T territory if not GT2 yet. Actually as fast as it doesn't matter much anyway for a street car. Was serious considering 911 for speed and more emotions. This covers the speed part easily, question remain about emotions…

  9. Correction it wouldn’t perform as well at mount Everest elevation as at sea level the amperage output from the battery at that temperature would seriously affect it, the current of the battery would be halved or more and it’ll have to use some of what’s left to heat the battery and electronics, plus based on what my wife’s p85d ludicrous did last winter when it got really cold it didn’t let ludicrous mode engage and it said performance is limited and that was in the cold at only 700ft elevation.

  10. Why in the hell are you testing the Dual Motor Performance version w/o the upgraded BRAKES, WHEELS, AND TIRES, on a track!!! Why not ask an F15 to fly aerial maneuvers 5,000 lbs of ballast too?

  11. IMI Motorsports is where you tested the Tesla 3. That track is a 1-mile circuit track made for shifter karts.1 minute 6 seconds was your lap time, that's less than 60 miles per hour around the track not a very great test for a Tesla except for sharp cornering and overheating.

  12. Thanks for the AWD review. Hardly any videos out there for this trim line. This 0-60 is the fastest I’ve seen for the AWD. Are you sure these numbers are accurate????

  13. So the 400+ Hp Tesla Model 3 is slower around the track than a cheaper 230hp BMW and a VW Golf R??

    Remember this – Cost of all options, wheels, paint, etc is included (apart from Autopilot). Cost is $78k. About same as BMW M3, but 15% quicker & with better handling. Will beat anything in its class on the track. – Elon Musk

    Nope, not better handling and will not beat anything in it's class on the track.

  14. I don’t think you know how to drive it. Fighting the stability control, well maybe figure out how to work with it. No way a P- is in a class with a Miata. Tesla owners have been putting autocross numbers closer to Porsche GT3s.

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