Fast Cars: Ford Shows Off Current & Future Autonomous Car Safety Tech

Fast Cars: Ford Shows Off Current & Future Autonomous Car Safety Tech

Awesome fast car review: Ford Shows Off Current & Future Autonomous Car Safety Tech

( ) Fully Autonomous Cars are just around the corner. But before cars take driving over completely the tech that makes them safe is here today. Recently Roman had the chance to visit Ford’s Dearborn headquarters to check out the latest and greatest Ford Safety Technology. Much of it is already available today on many Ford vehicles. In another accurate, fun and informative TFLcar video car technology feature we check out today’s Autonomous Car Safety Tech.

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48 Replies to “Fast Cars: Ford Shows Off Current & Future Autonomous Car Safety Tech”

  1. Wait until this comes out and some accidents happen and people will start sueing Ford for their new technology which could have injured or killed someone. People are going to start blaming Ford for all the accidents. 

  2. WHAT THE F&^%&^%. I mean seriously, is this a car or an airplane…  What if your avoidance system ends up with you plowing into oncoming traffic?  All these things are just crutches for bad driving and this one could end up hurting someone more than helping them.  I think a more comprehensive driver training and re evaluation process would be a lot more helpful then all these new technologies. 

  3. You have to remember that not all drivers are of the same intelligence and mentality. You can add driving attitude. You have stupid drivers, careless drivers, sleepy drivers, drunk drivers…etc. So, safety features like this will surely be of great help to lessen accidents! Great job to Ford tech innovation!

  4. To hell with all of this technology, what we need is stricter Vehicle tests and schools. Nothing beats human interaction and the road. If you have the proper training and knowledge of how to drive and how to operate your vehicle in a variety of conditions, and stay ALERT the road will be a hell of a lot safer, and we wouldn't need all of this. I think the technology is nifty but for some it's just another tool that they will abuse and use their phone or be distracted that much more because they feel their car will alert them…

  5. Im not cool with and probably never will be in putting my life in the hands of a computer, too many variables, change in surface, what about if im about to run in the back of a semi and there is a nice soft monocoque sedan is in the other lane ? what if the sedan has a nice young family in it ?

  6. I really dislike Ford's, and I have great concern for these sorts of technologies… BUT, I recognize it's coming, like it or not. So, I hope it all gets worked out long before every car on the road is able to swerve into adjacent lanes whenever it feels like.

  7. Also, I think that when cars can actually drive their self completely, you should be able to turn it completely off if you want. Maybe have some kind of little light or something on the outside of the car so you know if other cars are driving their self or not (ex: if the person has the program turned on or off)

  8. What if you're hands are on the steering wheel when it automatically changes lanes for to avoid a collision..? Is it powerful enough to actually turn the wheel? Wouldn't that hurt your hand(s) just a little bit..?

  9. During the rear end avoidance I noticed that the my ford touch in that vehicle had lots of hard buttons on the dash! Is that a European only car or something new they are going to be adding to my ford touch so you don't have to touch the damn screen for everything? Thanks roman and Nathan and emme.

  10. Seems like an excuse for drivers to be more complacent and lazy behind the wheel to me. Thats exactly what America needs. And I can see it now, It was not me officer. The car did it.   

  11. Warning lite an beep sounds cool. Car turning itself sounds like it could be dangerous. What if it malfunctions or reads something wrong or even gets stuck some how??? We all know things usually work great when you first buy them but how about 5 10 years down the road??? I don't want anything taking control of my car when im driving. No thanks. imagen the car takes control from you dose its maneuvers while another cars flying up that lane what do you tell the cops the car did it???

  12. I don't see the point when the autonomous cars coming that we need a steer or 1 side seat layout. So all the autonomous cars of the future will look radically different as well.

  13. Ok I have a passion for ford but this is to far. People drive cars not the other way around. If they ever make this standard I will buy and old car and be happy with it.

  14. Yeah if there are cars to your left and right or maybe a few behind or ahead the car won't switch lanes it will just slam on the brakes and then let you take over

  15. That rear-end collision avoidance system seems like a good idea, but it swerves you into the opposing lane of travel. So while the system may keep you from rear-ending someone traveling in the same direction as you, but at a lower speed (less G-force trauma) it avoids the accident by driving you head-on into whatever traffic is oncoming (opposing direction of travel = greater G-force trauma). So, while the system is a good idea, it really seems like there's a major flaw in how it avoids the rear-end collision. Also…what if you are on a 4 lane highway and there is a vehicle in the fast lane (you are in the slow lane) and you come up too quick on the vehicle in front of you? Does it swerve you to avoid collision and A.) cut off the other driver, or B.) collide with the side of the other vehicle?

  16. I like with I see from Ford I hope it work and hope it on all there cars including the Ford Flex if they make a 2015 Ford Flex with all that new safety tech I will buy it 

  17. This is great, now people can text and drive at the same time and avoid deadly crashes, wonderful. But jokes aside, it will be years until this technology is completely safe and useful.

  18. Don't know if I like that accident avoid system. What if the car veers to the left like it did on a 2 lane highway? Now you will get a head on collision. Or if it veers to the right and get side swiped or rear ended. What about an icy condition? Would be better if it just applied the brakes.

  19. What if theres a car coming towards us on the other lane in the same time or what if you drive on ice? will the car know that and warn you earlier?… I don't think so

  20. I think its, cool but I dont think no computer is going to react better than me but I think it is a good idea cuz I am sleepy at times I do drive and I get off late so bring on

  21. I love to drive but there are times when having an automated chauffeur could be a good thing. Stop and go traffic is hard on the driver but not if he can let the car do the drudge work for him. There are times on long trips over roads which were laid out with a T square that it would be nice to take a hands off approach and just watch the scenery go by. 

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