Fast Cars: Here’s Why the G550 4×4 Squared Is The Most Amazing Mercedes-Benz Of All!

Fast Cars: Here’s Why the G550 4×4 Squared Is The Most Amazing Mercedes-Benz Of All!

Awesome fast car review: Here’s Why the G550 4×4 Squared Is The Most Amazing Mercedes-Benz Of All!

( ) Here’s Why the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 Squared Is The Most Amazing Mercedes-Benz Of All!

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46 Replies to “Fast Cars: Here’s Why the G550 4×4 Squared Is The Most Amazing Mercedes-Benz Of All!”

  1. Good thing Nathan’s in good shape, that thing would have caught my belly and my head would have plowed a ditch! I laughed when Nathan talked about his Zumba classes, they paid off! Great Video guys! Don’t kill Nathan!!!

  2. I've seen a white one in Chicago. It actually looks really stupid on the move. Imagine a life size Tonka truck and that's basically what I saw through my windshield. You think it would look cool but it was just laughably stupid to see. Like a gorilla riding a miniature pony…

  3. Too bad only the disgustingly rich, who don’t need and never will use anything the vehicle can do, can afford to own one. They buy them for flash to drive around places like Scottsdale; must be a Tough ride driving on straight smooth roadways to get to AJs to buy their $50 bagel.

  4. A piece of metal, rubber and plastic you call God wagon*? Are you insane? Don't you care that you're insulting the Creator? Only a bit more shocks and ground clearance makes you call it with the name *God ?

  5. You get what you pay for… I often wondered why- one would buy a vehicle from Mercedes, when there are ALOT of competitors.-THAT thought quickly leaves your mind, after you have owned one.– Just search on autotrader for ANYTHING "G" class- and be prepared to be shell shocked on the price. 15year old g wagon, that cost more than a Brand New Jeep..– It shows the long term capability of the G- Wagon. THEN Drive one..–YEP you see the value.

  6. it's good and all, buttttt who can afford to drive Merceades-Benz off road for fun?? You can do it with Jeeps, cause in comparison, they're way cheaper and the after market for jeeps is nearly endless, but not so much with a Merceades.

  7. You know a top spec'd Jeep Wrangler can be moded to match this wagon. You would come out way under in price and be overly capable and you can add a few things from $120,000 you would save and still get the same respect in Beverly Hills and nod of approval from the Bros'. If that really matters at all.

  8. finally Mercedes made one worthy of offroad in Colorado and then they cancel production before it gets going, that's why I don't buy Mercedes

  9. "Ground clearance" is not the be all and end all to offroading. Articulation, in most cases will be more useful than a base criteria of ground clearance. And that is because ground clearance is measured at the lowest point of the vehicle (minus the tire touching the ground). So it can be deceptive to say the least. The axel pumpkins are usually that point. And you don't get more clearance by adding "lift", you get it by putting bigger tires on. The lift allows for those tires to work with the given wheel wells, but it does not give you more clearance.

    This brings us back to articulation VS base ground clearance. If you are going to simply drive over an object and not take anything into account, yes base ground clearance is what you need… but in reality, that seldom is the issue. That is because the way we drive, our pumpkins tend to rise over objects at the same time as our wheels do, so… not an issue. Only if you straddle an object with your wheels does it become an issue. And again, that is normally not how we drive "offroad".

    With that in mind, it shows why we drive vehicles like this one (and the H1) differently than we do other offroad vehicles. Their base ground clearance is not really a benefit in most situations, and their lack of articulation for the wheels CAN be. I am not saying this makes them "bad", but there is a difference and their higher ground clearance does not give the advantages that these videos like to insinuate they do. And a lack of articulation can actually cause more instability, and thus a safety issue when offroading….. more so with a taller center of gravity.

    Again, that is not saying that these are "bad" vehicles or bad things. They are just DIFFERENT. And you have to adjust your driving style and lines accordingly. It just gets really annoying when "ground clearance" is tossed out there as some show of "greatness" when not taking into account all other factors that create a truly great offroad vehicle. And then ignoring what TYPE of offroading is going to be done. Are you going to do casual trail riding, overland expeditions, rock crawling, muddy vs dry vs sand, and on and on. And that is why you see so many different setups and they are NOT all based on "ground clearance", let alone have that being the first consideration.

    I understand these videos are meant to HYPE the vehicles, and that is fine, but far too often it is done in a way that is inaccurate to the point of being past misleading into the realm of a lie by virtue of misleading. And one would think you folks would care about your credibility more than to do this.

    Just food for thought….

  10. Watch ole Roman, Nathan his son may want to move up, he’s a pretty good reviewer too.This vehicle proves that Germany has good ole boys too and they got loose in G Wagon room!

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