Fast Cars: How Fast and Off-Road Worthy is the New Volvo XC-60?

Fast Cars: How Fast and Off-Road Worthy is the New Volvo XC-60?

Awesome fast car review: How Fast and Off-Road Worthy is the New Volvo XC-60?

( ) How good is the new Volvo XC-60 off-road. We find out by taking up Gold Mine Hill.

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34 Replies to “Fast Cars: How Fast and Off-Road Worthy is the New Volvo XC-60?”

  1. I wish my 00' v70 xc had the haldex awd system. Viscous coupling/ open diff is perfectly fine for driving normally and can take you anywhere you need to go but when I actually go rallying on dirt or in deep snow it's less than desirable lol. It's fun to fish tail and drift down the forest roads but it's way too easy to lose control when you are going fast and pushing the car.

  2. As much as I love volvo, and have been driving volvo for the past 15 years. I will not be buying the new models. We have 2 volvo's in the family a 2004 V70 T5 AWD (it is very rare) and a normal XC70 from 2005. Those cars are solid. You can really tell that they were made to last. Sure they lack all the electronics and gimmics compared to the new ones – but let me be clear – Cars are made for driving, they are not supposed to be a gadget and more importantly – Volvo are infamous for having their electronics go wrong after 5 or so years.

    Me and my wife went in the new v90XC and neither one of us liked the interior. The leather quality felt somewhat cheap, the plastics were had, the seats them selves were not as comfortable as I have come to expect. Really, if you want to sit in a real volvo, go and find one pre 2005. If its been kept well and looked after then that thing has so many more miles to do. The new ones feel like a toy – like something you may use for 5 years and then chuck it in the bin. Whereas the old ones feel like they were made to last 20 years if you cared for them.

    Anyhow, we decided against buying a new one, since our old ones are still running great even though the miles are stacking up now.

  3. Just take a look at who is driving what… Volvos are driven by soccer moms and that is it… BTW We have 30 year old Renaults that would go over that so called "offroad" and actually they do every summer since people use cheap cars to go to highlands…

  4. This truly is an amazing SUV my family has one and they love it. At 100 mph it rides smooth and quiet like a high end luxury automobile. Also it won World SUV of the year award.

  5. Yeah well California Interstate 80 and 276 along with County blacktop neighborhood roads broke my Volvo rack and pinion under 60k mikes. Caltrans is the worst road system even Volvo can not surmount

  6. Those 0-60 times are a joke… or maybe you guys are forgetting to take the E-brake off… The GS F and E43 should be at least 1+ seconds quicker than your results. I'm guessing that a Hellcat is 2 seconds quicker than what y'all posted.

  7. I dont get it. Almoust all modern 4×4 systems are advertised that it can in milisec figure out to wich wheel they need to send the torque. Yet i can count seconds that system requires to think and send power to correct wheel. Anybody can explain this? And i am not talking only abut Volvo. Almoust all 4×4 systems are advertised that way (Audi, Merc, Subaru etc) i described and yet seems to work slow (ofcourse i am not mentiond fixed 4×4 systems)

  8. This type of cars are not meant to be on offroad, it is made for off road, i woudnt drive it as i treasure my money. And i cant afford to fix anything for that

  9. It's nice but I'd rather take our Subaru XV up there. Less than half the price, so less fear of dinging it – and that interior, with muddy clothes and stuff? Eesh.

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