Fast Cars: Jeep Compass vs Renegade Off-Road Mashup Review and Drag Race

Fast Cars: Jeep Compass vs Renegade Off-Road Mashup Review and Drag Race

Awesome fast car review: Jeep Compass vs Renegade Off-Road Mashup Review and Drag Race

( ) Jeep Compass vs Renegade Off-Road Mashup Review and Drag Race

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47 Replies to “Fast Cars: Jeep Compass vs Renegade Off-Road Mashup Review and Drag Race”

  1. I'm surprised these have 4 bangers in them? Top end trim and no v6?
    I dare to compare these against a old V6 saturn vue
    I think those used to get 4×4 and a v6 top trim level and they had a manual transmission option as well as decent safety ratings and they were CHEAP.

  2. Subaru manual with throttle control off and VDC on is unstoppable. Those auto torque converters aren't locked at low rpm which is losing about 30 percent power and torque. To my understanding at least. If that jeep had a diesel powerplant I think there would be no problem

  3. Basically two all wheel drive FIat 500's with different sheet metal on them competing. I guess Jeep tweaked the all wheel drive system, because they did surprising well.

  4. I was so excited about getting my jeep renegade. i did so much research and thought it was perfect for everything i needed being a musician and living in the north country. Too bad the renegade has SO many issues. The 9 speed automatic is awful. It doesn't know what gear its suppose to be in and the way it shifts is like your 16 your old son learning to drive a 5 speed for the first time. clutch timing is horrible it lags, jerks, and now even makes a loud CLUNK sound going into fifth. Had to replace my thermostat twice already!!! you lose all 4 wheel drive capabilities when the thermostat goes out which is absolutely ridiculous. engine turns on and I start doing some inspecting and then suddenly it just turns off. Ill never buy jeep again. I was so excited and hopeful for this car and I just got a brand new fancy Lemon straight from the factory…. So sad. will be trading for something else in  the near future.

  5. I was given a 2018 jeep renegade sport for a loaner car while my 300c is in for repair. It should be against the law to label something with only 180 HP as "sport". This jeep cant even get out of its own way. Take off from a stop light at normal speed and it has to shift into second the moment you rev the engine. This vehicle is truly pathetic.

  6. They never said anything
    About turning off.. the
    Traction control and when they raced they could of shifted unless
    They dont have that
    Option I have a 16 Patriot
    I think FD 1. Which only
    Locks the center but I'm
    Using it for snow and ice,
    Which is normal in
    SIDE SHIFTED 1 2 3 4 AT

  7. People who are watching the renegade you have NOOOOO!!! Idea what there capable there STUPID CAPABLE with the correct driver they have followed us up and down TOP OF THE WORLD MOAB!! Kane Creek Moab POISON SPYDER MOAB FINS AND THINGS MOAB these are really difficult trails!! Soooo impressed!! Very very impressed totally sold on the renagade

  8. Wrangler for sure, but my wife really wants to drive a renegade. The Cherokee looks so much better than the renegade. Glad to know it gets better gas mileage maybe I can convince her to get the cherokee instead (diesel of corse).

  9. And the winner? Wrangler lol. Can’t believe some of the obstacles I’ve overcome in my Wrangler. These aren’t bad for a cheap small SUV, but are geared more towards grocery runs.

  10. If you don't need to 4WD, as few do, you'll get a lot better performance (especially at such high altitude) going with the FWD Renegade Sport w/ a 1.4 liter turbo and 6-speed. Its 500lbs lighter, the turbo engine loses no power at altitude and can be chipped to 200hp, and FWD has less power loss through the transmission. And if you think 500lbs isn't that much, remember this is a small vehicle. Save you a FORTUNE too. And if you want 4WD, I'd go with the Compass Latitude (its a no cost option) with the 6-speed. Even with 4WD, its still 300lbs lighter than the Trailhawk version, and gives you a nice and yet still affordable daily driver that won't have a problem with fire roads.

  11. wow I really don't like that "cut all power to wheels" 'feature' that seems really obnoxious and counter intuitive, If the wheels have no traction I would prefer they just spin out and let me determine if they have traction or not

  12. Damn so much hate in these comments. I personally really like the renegades style and don't mind it being a fiat. It has decent fuel economy for daily driving and has great off road capability for its class when you need it. Most people buying these cars don't have off roading as a priority and want a practical daily that can take on snow and other obstacles when the time comes so I don't understand all the hate. I feel like all these guys hating are just sad with their 1996 Cherokee' s cuz they can't afford a new jeep. Let's see how much hate I get 🙂

  13. Wow it's sad to see these vehicles struggle, shit jeep is such a letdown, I want a version without all those creature comforts and give me #1 clearance #2 meatier tires #3 massive cargo space with fold down seats 100% so I can throw a inflatable bed down so I can sleep in my jeep with my girl in the Forrest, cut the gimmicks and do it right.

  14. WTF is the point of cutting power to all 4 wheels in an offroad situation? That is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen/heard. A stock "crossover" xj from 30 years ago with open diffs and 40-50 year old technology wasn't this dumb…

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