Fast Cars: New vs Brand New: Why Is The Ford GT So Sexy?

Fast Cars: New vs Brand New: Why Is The Ford GT So Sexy?

Awesome fast car review: New vs Brand New: Why Is The Ford GT So Sexy?

( ) What makes the Ford GT such a sexy design? Find out by watching this video that features the car’s designer.

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46 Replies to “Fast Cars: New vs Brand New: Why Is The Ford GT So Sexy?”

  1. The 2005-2006 will be the "Eleanor" in 15-20 years, and probably $1,000,000+, even with 4,000 models out there. This "hyper GT" is going to look more dated as cars change shape in just 5-7 years. You could tell he struggled with saying the design was better or timeless. It just is not. It looks nothing like yesterday and is not a race car, it is a hypercar for the super wealthy, and likely won't ever see the road for over 1,000 miles. The Ford GT (original) has seem many hit 40,000+ miles and runs strong. It has a great engine that came from the SVT department and was made well. Add to that you can SEE the engine when you lift the rear hood, the new GT does not allow any viewing of the engine. Dumb.

  2. 2005-2006 looks far better imo and will likely be worth more in the long run. After all these years, the 2005 Ford GT does 0-60 in 3.3-3.5 seconds. The brand new version, which actually looks nothing like a race car, more like a hypercar, is 2.9 seconds. Wow, all that extra dough, all these years later, and the car is barely .5 seconds faster? Who cares. The 2005-2006 will ALWAYS be "THE" Ford GT.

  3. Saw a new Ford GT in person. It was matte black with black wheels. Couldn't take my eyes off it. Incredible design incredible engineering!

  4. Those 2005 GT doors look cool but they're a stupid functional design because they're guillitine doors that will decapitate you when you close the doors.

  5. I like both cars just as much for very different reasons. Pardo is so ready about the new Ford GT it just makes everything else out there look tame by comparison. While I prefer the Pardo version because that car is timeless, it's never going to age and look dated. Only a few cars have managed to achieve such feat. The new Ford GT looks like a spaceship, it's low, wide, wild and Extraordinary. Few cars carry the precedence the Ford GT does.

  6. How could FORD allow such a idiotic door design? I understand the guy thinks it looks cool but in reality it's just stupid. Thank he took a little to much of that Colorado green.
    Now the new design is great and shows real talent

  7. Wow. That guy really, really knows what he's talking about. Very refreshing to hear a designer who can coherently explain why it is the way it is without bringing marketing guff into it.
    Very impressive.

  8. The new Ford GT is so much better than the old one and the V6 is amazing I’ve seen this car twice in person now and it’s sounds ungodly great and the interior is one of the best I’ve ever seen it looks like it could be from a Lincoln sports car or something if Lincoln made a sports car honestly the V6 is better than the V8 imo and the new Ford GT is all around an amazing cars and for anyone talking shit about the V6 is that why it has 650hp and a top speed of 217mph and a 0-60mph time of like 2.7 seconds yeah that’s right this”ECOBOOST” V6 is a beast in fact it’s more like the “ECOBEAST” V6 screw the haters the 2017 Ford GT is an amazing car!!

  9. Cars like this gives a car company credibility. As a die hard Mopar fan, I have always loved this car. That and the fact the original 40 pissed Enzo off something awful

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