Fast Cars: Old vs New Off-Road Review: Which Jeep Wrangler Is The One to Buy?

Fast Cars: Old vs New Off-Road Review: Which Jeep Wrangler Is The One to Buy?

Awesome fast car review: Old vs New Off-Road Review: Which Jeep Wrangler Is The One to Buy?

( ) Old vs New Off-Road Review: Which Jeep Wrangler Is The One to Buy?

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42 Replies to “Fast Cars: Old vs New Off-Road Review: Which Jeep Wrangler Is The One to Buy?”

  1. I got luck only one model was left for JK rubicon which I grabbed on discount price 10 k less than JL rubicon, I was impressed by JL because of it looks but my objective was to get axel locks and the price, I see lot of YouTube blog diverting customers toward JL , I understand it’s pure marketing

  2. I have a '18 JK Willys and my brother has an '18 JL Sport Plus and we love both of them! At the Sport level, they're very similar vehicles, some additional creature comforts and a higher price tag are the big differences. I must say, I love what they've done with the Rubicon JL but $60k for a Jeep is a bit out of my price range! Great video!

  3. YJ, TJ, JK no engine auto stop and start
    JL has the stupid engine auto stop and start design flaw that must be bypassed.

    This automatically makes the YJ, TJ, and JK better than the over engineered JL.

  4. Nice banter, the Tommy wheel zinger to Roman was well scripted, and I'm older than Roman. The new Wrangler's grill looks much better than the old one. Andre should speak Russian when we just get some peeks of him, it'd be funny and nostalgic.

  5. To each his own. I went and looked at the Jeeps. NO WAY! They are just insanely overpriced!! I will lay a golden egg before I would pay $38,000 for one of those!!!

  6. Rule #1: Never buy a Jeep or Land Rover.
    Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1.

    Put your money into appreciating or least depreciating assets with low maintenance. If you listen to these rednecks on this page, you will be one of them, with 5k in savings on bank, as they all have.

  7. Motorcycle, car or truck, I CRINGE whenever I hear engines revved in neutral like that ! My first thought is: that`s an irresponsible BOY behind the wheel doing that to that poor engine.

  8. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet or not but my JKU Rubicon came with 4.10s, front and rear lockers and electric sway bar disconnects all stock. You don't need to get the JL to get those features.

  9. I started out with a 2003 TJ. I drove that as a daily driver till i traded that for a 2010 JK Sport. After driving these for 15 years as a daily driver i decided to change things up. I am doing more travel, but i still wanted some off road capabilities, so i traded in the JK for a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. I love the comfort of the new Cherokee and the ride going down the interstate. I do miss my JK but I think the Cherokee will do just fine for me. By the way, I love your videos on the Jeeps and your Diff loc series. Thanks for everything you've done for JEEP.

  10. The Jeep Wrangler has a long history of being the best off road vehicle and when JapCrap auto brands bring their cars into the market, they think people will trade the legendary Jeep Wrangler for their car. Too bad!

  11. WTH are your lockers engaged on simple terrain and turns? Oh and the JK is equipped with Brake Lock Differentials. Not as cool as the Rubi, but still pretty capable. Thumbs up for Jeep Truck!

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