Fast Cars: Past vs Future: 2017 Chevy Bolt vs VW GTI Drag Race

Fast Cars: Past vs Future: 2017 Chevy Bolt vs VW GTI Drag Race

Awesome fast car review: Past vs Future: 2017 Chevy Bolt vs VW GTI Drag Race

( ) What’s faster in a straight line. Is it the original hot hatch or the new all electric Chevy Bolt. In this Past vs Future drag race we find out.

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38 Replies to “Fast Cars: Past vs Future: 2017 Chevy Bolt vs VW GTI Drag Race”

  1. Great video! Hope you test it around a track with some good tires next summer…
    Also, worth noting that day in day out, a Bolt smokes a lot of cars off the line in downtown traffic, for about 1.15$ / 100km with zero pollution. LOVE driving that thing! (I miss shifting my old 135i but not in traffic!)

  2. The Bolt is impressively quick. Likely not as fun on a backroad due to its heft but it makes for an excellent commuter and has supremely long legs. Also you can buy one TODAY, not needing to wait until 2019 with a silly reservation.

  3. Would take the Bolt if I only needed a commuter car. It will feel faster off the line than its numbers indicate because of the instant torque. Has the g's of a mid 4 second 0-60 car.

  4. I've worked on and sank money into my own cars, trucks, motorcycles and excavation equipment all my teenage and adult life. I feel comfortable in my abilities and the tools and resources I have at my disposal to fix any problem associated with a car that has an internal combustion engine. My first car was an 86 Camaro, which I still own, with a V8. I love the feeling that big horsepower V8s give and at the same time, I'm an adult. Internal combustion engines time has come and gone. The pollution of ICE is real and we need to give it up. I bought a Bolt and I have no regrets doing so. Also, grandma can get in because it has a flat floor and easy entry. Today with Traction Control off and Sport mode on I lit the tires up with her in it with me to show her how hard an economy car can put you back in the seat. Driving an EV is not about an individual's personal pleasure, which it gives anyway, but about doing less harm to the big ball we live on together. Electric cars are in their infancy and need funding. Don't be part of the problem. If you can buy an EV do it.

  5. I own a MK7 GTI… gorgeous design and extremely fun. The Bolt is ugly AF! That narrow and tall design is ugly. Why can't EVs have a nicer, sportier design? My GTI is wide and low and handles like a charm. The only wide and low EV is the Tesla which is nice attractive, but the i3, Bolt, and Leaf are some ugly cars.

  6. And just one more thing, even though I love the GTI, I don't own one, opting for the basic VW Golf instead. Almost as quick acceleration, and 45 highway mpg in real life, and I didn't pay $38,000, or even $30,000 for one, but instead, $17,500. That's a huge difference in price between the VW and the homely looking Bolt and that'll buy you a lot of gasoline over the course of the lifetime of the car. Sorry, the Bolt just doesn't stack up against VW.

  7. Here's the deal, folks, 25 years from today, the VW GTI will still be around in some form while the Chevy Bolt, a forgotten relic. And sorry, friends, and this isn't excuse-making, there is soooo much more to driving enjoyment that who is fastest to 60 or 100 mph. The VW's are just incredibly refined and you can flog it day in and day out and it drives better than practically anything else on the road, steering, braking, handling, refinement, ergonomics, feel, looks, simplicity. Every Chevy I've ever sat in or driven, well, they suck. And while I know VW has the Golf EV with limited range, I'll take a GTI any day where you never have to worry about recharging, or replacing a battery assembly, not to mention all the room for people and storage, which, the Bolt just doesn't have. And the Bolt is ugly while the GTI, well, it's just handsome and well proportioned. Revise the software, and you will leave the Bolt in its wake if it's that important to you.

  8. how long was this drag race? seemed very short; assuming 10 seconds of run time was the true run time of the race looks like approximately an 1/8th mile. However, just looking at the manufacturers provided times, they are both 14.9 1/4mile cars with similar 0-60 numbers (6.3) so it would come down to the driver.

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