Fast Cars: Pathfinder vs Atlas: Only One Makes it To The Top!

Fast Cars: Pathfinder vs Atlas: Only One Makes it To The Top!

Awesome fast car review: Pathfinder vs Atlas: Only One Makes it To The Top!

( ) The brand new VW Atlas and the newish Nissan Pathfinder are both family haulers that can be purchased with a third row seat. But which one of these two crossovers is better off-road. We decided to find out by talking them up Gold Mine Hill.

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45 Replies to “Fast Cars: Pathfinder vs Atlas: Only One Makes it To The Top!”

  1. Great video, thanks guys!!! I know how it feels when you have a nissan with CVT transmission and it doesn't wanna go lol i had one of those…

  2. It’s obvios that they didn’t did the same effort to pass the 3rd section with the Pathfinder… he do a lot effort with the Atlas… why? Come on guys… you know that the Pathfinder can do that… but for some reason you didn’t want to prove that….

  3. Too much fluff. Just label the all-new-redesigned Mallfinder a piece of shit and call it a day. Better yet, test that grocery getter along side an old beat-up 94/95 Pathfinder to make it interesting.

  4. At 7:49 in this video, something is shady. The incline is not more steep than many hills on paved roads like in San Francisco, Birmingham, ect. The tires aren't spinning, and he claims it will not go. What? I call bullshit. This is a VW propaganda video.

  5. ummm, Why didn't you take the pathfinder out of auto mode and force it to 4wd mode when going up the hill? "The computer is trying to figure things out?" When you out it in 4×4 there is nothing to figure out.

  6. This is really surprising. I have 2017 Pathfinder 4wd rental and just drove down into and out of Waipio Valley in Hawaii. Also drove it up and down Mauna Kea mountain. Didn't have one issue.

  7. Is there any way you can run the Atlas through a more complex course with mud. Im looking at it but want to know how capable these really are.

  8. The CVT had to take the harder far left angle. The VW took the far right angle. So far, every car you tested on the far right has made it with very little trouble.

  9. I’ve actually off roaded a pathfinder. It’s piss poor at best. Even the smallest decline and you’ll be raping your bumper. Proper SUV’s are a dying breed. A once great off roader reduced to an overpriced shopping cart.

  10. I know you try to have non bias test on vehicles, but this one to me is a little. You run the Nissan on the mode it would be in when you start the vehicle. For the Pathfinder you can turn the traction control off and AWD lock on Then in the Atlas you put it in off-road mode, which turned the traction control off and a 50/50 power transfer. The Pathfinder do cut power to provide traction plus protect the transmission but, the Atlas is allowing all the power to be provide to the wheels almost unrestricted in off-road mode. I'd like to see the new models of these vehicles go up the hill on there preset modes and changed only when needed. For I feel the Nissan would have made stage 2 on Gold Mine Hill without needing momentum.

  11. Yea Audi vw has always had one of the best awd systems out the my mom just picked up a q7 instead of the atlas she couldn't get the atlas in the color she wanted and they just released the 3.0 l diesels for sell so she picked up a 15 diesel

  12. this the only channel that test the cars in real world situations.. i always check their channel before i buy a new car.. thanks guys! keep it up!

  13. I used to own a Jeep Patriot with a CVT. Not a bad vehicle, but the CVT was its worst feature. I used it for almost 5 years, right before the warranty ran out and traded it for another vehicle. The lesson was that never ever a vehicle with a CVT.

  14. You guys are really biased against Nissan and pro-Volkswagen in this one.  The Honda HR-V had exactly the same issue.  The CVT cutoff power to the wheels and couldn't make it over the hump,  but you kept trying.  After multiple attempts and with a bit more momentum, it made it over.  Same thing with the CX-5, it's not CVT, but you kept trying until finally giving it a bit of gas to make it over.  Why not give the Pathfinder the same opportunity as the CX-5 and the HR-V unless someone form Volkswagen slipped you some coin.

  15. I really wanted to like the Pathfinder, I drove a nissan pickup for 15 years and loved it. I test drove the Pathfinder several times but the cvt is just awful, it just grunts and groans, even on the 2017. The interior is kind of low class too, they put in a lot of fake wood/metal that just looks tacky, either do real stuff or just skip it and put in some high grade plastic. I finally bought the Highlander, mostly because I keep my vehicles for a while and I wanted the predicted reliability and the 2017 update with the updated engine and transmission made the Highlander very easy to drive. The one plus for the pathfinder is you can get the platinum for less than $40k, during sales events, while the other non-luxury manufactures top models are going to be in the mid to upper $40's, unless it a Durango, then fully loaded is going to be in the upper $50's.

  16. My 1986 Suzuki Samurai with only 63 HP will destroy both of those minivans off road. It is simple minivans belong to the road, you want to go off road buy a Wrangler or a 4runner those are real SUVs. Shame on Nissan….

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