Fast Cars: RIP Cars: Ford Kills These Five Cars – Is This The End of Ford Cars in America?

Fast Cars: RIP Cars: Ford Kills These Five Cars – Is This The End of Ford Cars in America?

Awesome fast car review: RIP Cars: Ford Kills These Five Cars – Is This The End of Ford Cars in America?

( ) RIP Cars: Ford Kills These Five Cars – Is This The End of Ford Cars?

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31 Replies to “Fast Cars: RIP Cars: Ford Kills These Five Cars – Is This The End of Ford Cars in America?”

  1. Got 17 Fusion black 18" wheels roof navigation backup camera 4cyl brand new $28,000 I've owned Accord 3 corvettes mustang this is best car I've owned get compliments all the time

  2. Yeah like others have said people are moving to cross overs and suvs as well like with the trucks single cab trucks people don't want them people want larger vehicles to haul more passengers as well as more stuff and more capable off road and in bad weather like snow and people think bigger vehicles are safer as well and more manufacturer's are creating better engines were there more fuel efficient as well as bad ass suvs for dads like the durango rt which I drive my wife has a focus and we can't fit crap in it and can't for our 3 baby's car seats in it were going to sell it and get another more fuel efficient 3rd row suv to travel in but I'm not getting rid of my durango I love it lol but glad to see ford sees were people are moving towards and focus on building better suvs and crossovers and trucks there sales obviously show them the way of the future

  3. If I was the ford ceo I’d…
    -Get rid of the c max and torus
    -rebrand and redesign the fusion with a normal, hybrid, full ev and a performance model.
    – make the new sedan and other cars more reliable and lighter
    -keep the focus and fiesta but make them even sportier and give the st and rs models automatics
    -keep the suv and trucks as is Mabey with updated style

  4. Wonder what they’ll do when gas gets to 4/5 dollars a gallon…
    This is excellent news for competitors, Ford should not put all their eggs in the suv basket. Cut the car lineup down, but to eliminate it completely does nothing for consumer confidence in the brand.

  5. Ford didn't focus on the Focus?! #irony
    Domestics aren't going to be recession-proof or fuel-spike-proof when that time comes again, which it will. Maybe not as bad as it was in the circa mid-2000's. FCA actually suffered the same car fate as Ford, having been squeezed out of the market where ex-CEO Sergio Marchionne bad-talked the Dart and 200. FCA now only makes large cars (300, Charger, Challenger), which is something they are respected for and do well at. The Taurus was a good large car, but it did need reinvestment just like the 300 does — the talk is it's going away as well. Strangely, the Journey, a mid-size CUZ with 7-passenger seating available, has been increasing in sales even though it is VERY long in the tooth — about a 10 year old platform. That illustrates how abruptly the market has moved to CUV's, SUV's, and trucks. Lastly, I want to say that while I respect Japanse/Korean small cars, I just don't like them and would rather drive a Dart, Focus, or Cruze. I just feel like the domestics appeal to my tastes better than those from small, hustle-and-bustle countries. Dart was EXTREMELY comfortable on the 14+ hour roadtrips I used to take when I had one ('14 SXT Rallye 2.4L 6-spd manual). Corolla and Civic always felt hallow and chinsy, IMO.

  6. Maybe my 08 fusion will be a collectable one day first year for sync lmao jk. I think ford is making a mistake not everyone wants a truck/suv. Lower priced fuel efficient vehicles will allways have a market. Fords basically giving more sales to camry and accord atleast keep the focus and fusion.

  7. Just to let you know people. Oil price tag is going up. Enjoy you trucks and SUVs before the oil barrel hits $120 us Dollar. People started buying trucks and SUV when the oil barrel price dropped to $25 per barrel(2014). Now? it is rising up and reached $85 per barrel.

  8. I have a 2014 Ford Taurus. This disheartens me to see them going… :'( My Taurus feels more roomy than some of the compact and midsize SUV's and Crossovers I was looking into getting. Love my Taurus…. really hope they bring it back someday

  9. Seems like if they make fewer models and put more effort to making them well, it would be good. But if everybody wanted suvs and trucks how come we see so many little ford cars? The trucks and suvs are brining them more money, I guess that’s their bottom line.

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