Fast Cars: This is Why The Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car Ever Made!

Fast Cars: This is Why The Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car Ever Made!

Awesome fast car review: This is Why The Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car Ever Made!

( )This is Why The Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car Ever Made!

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37 Replies to “Fast Cars: This is Why The Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car Ever Made!”

  1. I totally love mine. The stick shift is soooo smooth and fun to drive. I do agree, throws are a bit long. I turned off iM the second day, way more visceral and natural feeling for those who had driven manual transmission cars from 80s and 90s. The only two annoyances I have, if I had to bitch about something, 1) Steering wheel is a bit too sensitive and lacks feedback 2) Location of the USB port. Other than that, it is an awesome car!

  2. Best selling worst car in the class for over 15 yrs just got much better… it caught up witt times but nothing makes it best in class.
    Lack of torque and CVT (even if with 2 gears) limits it . Other than nice lay out of interior cheap plastics and cheesy finish up close does put it behind class leaders . It can compete with Civic . Again reliability of totally new engine and CVT will not make ot last 300k miles , only reason where previous Corolla made any sense to buy.

  3. these new corolla all offer full led headlights but the top end as you could see in this video, has projector led type , while the other model below i,t is a reflector led type

  4. As a long time Toyota owner, (i grew up with family owning one ie. T crown, corona, camry) toyota is known for reliability, & v.good in gas mileage.
    This New Corolla '19 is defenitely the top buy if you are considering getting a small/economy car. With such features, looks and known dependability & reliability. You cant get wrong.
    I still have my corolla '03. with 310k+ on it, still looks good ( no indoor garage since 2013, bought a camry '13) and running smoothly.

  5. It almost feels they were paid by Toyota to say all kinds of praises. Comments like "Exceptionally well though out" & "Brilliant vehicle" (5:57), or "…they sweated the details"(13:42) sound ridiculous! The 2019 CVT transmission on these cars was already recalled, so hopefully the manual remains reliable. It's good looking, good on gas and has some nice features, but if you're considering…please see it at the dealer 1st! Hatch-door made out of "resin"?! (9:44), No Android Auto?! (8:26), Fake exhaust pipes (Why?)?! (10:14). >>"I'm from America!…I don't know how many 2kg is" = Wow! During the preproduction of this video you couldn't Google this?! 2kg=4.40lbs. Please do a better job next time. >>They claim it's a good car even for those "just looking for something to take you to the grocery store" (13:58). NOT TRUE! Corolla Hatchback 17.8/23.3(rear seats down) cubic feet cargo space. Toyota "wasted space"(13:14). True, no one was asking for SUV-type space on a Hatchback, but this is uselessly small. Forget about going to Costco/Sam's Club! Check out other competitor's cargo space: 1)Civic Sport Hatch 22.6/46.2 cubic feet, Subaru Impreza hatch 20.8/55.3 cubic feet, VW Golf S 17.4/52.7 cubic feet, Honda Fit 16.6/52.7 cubic feet!!!

  6. I'd rather buy a new Corolla CE with the manual transmission, TRD exhaust, and sway bar to be honest. Lighter without all that crap and much more likely to last for the long haul. The intelligent manual feature is great for people learning though but after you get the basics down, it is really not necessary.

  7. I really hate the fact that you said premium. Everyone on Youtube needs to stop saying Premium. Premium is the new N word. 168 hp is very good for a NA 2.0 I4. A lot of engines this size are in or around the 130 range. Unequal length wipers isn't new or odd. A lot of cars have that configuration to provide the driver side the most optimal view in any situation. The vortex forces generated by the wheels counteract torque steer.

  8. My GF was pretty excited about this car at the L.A Auto Show, soo excited she wanted one as her next car until she found out, it didn't have Android Auto. Too bad, make next time.

  9. Toyota has really stepped up their game with features and especially styling all across their model line up. Their design department really needs a raise. This Corolla looks stunning and is light years away from its simple economy car roots of yesteryear. Although I do not have a Corolla I just got a 2019 Toyota C-HR and LOVE IT! The little attention to details that were mentioned in this video are on point. Too bad the C-HR did not get this Corolla engine but I see what Toyota was trying to do in getting their cars to that ever important 30+ combined MPG. With the Corolla and its more aerodynamic design, it could reach 30+ MPG with a more powerful engine but for the C-HR to reach that, they had to cut back on some horses. No matter because the car is still pretty peppy and I will be adding some TRD performance parts to my C-HR soon. You get all this combined with that legendary Toyota quality! It a win, win in my book.

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