Fast Cars: Top 10 Best Cars of The Year Counted Down!

Fast Cars: Top 10 Best Cars of The Year Counted Down!

Awesome fast car review: Top 10 Best Cars of The Year Counted Down!

( ) These are the 10 Best of Cars 2017 and the top 5 Cars of 2018 that we can’t wait to drive.

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25 Replies to “Fast Cars: Top 10 Best Cars of The Year Counted Down!”

  1. Mazdas are inexpensive, cheap maintenance, good looking… If they would make the hatchbacks and sedans AWD like the CX5, they could take market share from Subaru. Especially since the Lancer Evo is gone.

  2. Volkswagen would have better sales if they built a car that was reliable. Too many Americans have been burned by buying a mechanic's dream come true. They are either perfect or a lemon with nothing in between

  3. I like your 5 2018 predictions.
    About the 2017: I too was let down by the Toyota C-HR by CVT and lack of power; additionally the small window in the 2nd row. So I got a new 2017 Corvette instead.

  4. Hey have you guys ever gotten your hands on a Roush stage 3 Mustang I know they're not mass production but are still fairly obtainable would love to see your review on that!

  5. Sorry guys…Your list is pretty good but I can't see why in the world (1. You have (3) Dodge (2- Dodge & a Jeep…) vehicles in this list and (2. You chose a Mustang as #5 and didn't include the 6th gen Camaro anywhere…you missed a great car on a mediocre list…Hopefully you'll do better in 2018. 🙂

  6. Before the exact details and driving impressions of the JL were made known I was seriously considering a ZR2 because I figured it would be much nicer on road than a JK Wrangler and still quite good off road.  But sounds like the JL is a big improvement on road and as good or better off road so now I am back to head scratching.  The JL premium price for a Rubicon is a bit of a sticker shock to me, but the ZR2 isn't cheap either so not sure what to do now.

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