Fast Cars: Top 5 Craigslist Unicorn Finds: Cool Collectible Cars You Can Buy Today

Fast Cars: Top 5 Craigslist Unicorn Finds: Cool Collectible Cars You Can Buy Today

Awesome fast car review: Top 5 Craigslist Unicorn Finds: Cool Collectible Cars You Can Buy Today

( ) Top 5 Craigslist Unicorn Finds: Cool Collectible Cars You Can Buy Today

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29 Replies to “Fast Cars: Top 5 Craigslist Unicorn Finds: Cool Collectible Cars You Can Buy Today”

  1. Hey A little correction. The SAAB sonnet is a very rare car in total only 10 thousand were built. only the Sonnet 3 and late Sonnet 2 had the V4, which was a ford industrial engine. all cars built before 1967 were two stroke most 3 cylinder in lines. early 750 cc and late 850 cc. My father in law was a SAAB mechanic for 40 years and I got into them when me and my wife started dating. The Sonnet 3 was built for four years and averaged about 2000 per year. although The car pictured is in excellent condition the asking price is at the top for this model and unless this car is perfect probably too much. One major word of caution parts for everything but the engine are next to impossible to find in the states. only know of two sources for new parts and a half dozen for good used. I am currently restoring a 73 Sonnet and a 1966 96 sport ( one of the rarest models ) and most of my parts have come from England and Germany. Shipping a lot of time is more than the parts. In order to restore one of these you have to be crazy or stupid as you will almost always have more in it than you can ever hope to get out. the major problem is SAAB had no clue about rust prevention. almost all I have seen in the last 20 years have had rust damage and most now will need at least some om the floor pan replaced. I have only found source and a floor replacement parts only will run around $2000, before labor which will be at or around twice that. I love these cars and would never purposely discourage anyone from owning one of these but have seen way too many of these scrapped because the owner went into restoration and part way in abandoned it because of the difficulties and expense involved.

  2. Hi, I'm from Australia, the Ampicar was yused by a local Chemist, where I live, for many years, daily to cross a water way from home to his business, it is still running on the water, he is over ninety now, and was driven around only a couple of months ago by his grandson, so if they are looked after they can run for decades. Alan.

  3. Looks like Disney is buying up the majority of Amphicars! They're available as hourly rentals at Disney World's Disney Springs. Formerly Downtown Disney. The modern Amphicar is also available for renting.

  4. Tesla contracted Lotus UK to build all of the Tesla Roadsters. Cars were built less the electric motors & battery enclosures. Once built were flown thru SFO to Menlo Park to be built with the drive train, QA'd & delivered to each customer. Ask George Clooney how he liked his?

  5. I had a saab sonnet 3 and it was the most fun car of the hundreds I've owned to drive. They failed to mention that the sonnets were also fibreglass bodies and one of the first front wheel drive cars produced. The v4 by ford was a bulletproof motor that found its way into farm equipment of all sorts. Combines hay bailers etc. I wish to this day that I never sold it.

  6. On the Mazda Rotary, they built a LOT more than just the RX7, RX3, and rotary truck. I have had an RX-3 SP, and RX-4, and an RX-2. Cool cars, but boy they suck gas an oil!

  7. where;s the r code cars?? the t bolts?taledega, s code cars? that amphicar at $48,000 isn't a bad price but be carefull what you buy.. something like that you pay the money to have a professional to look at before you put a dime down on it.even 2 or 3 professionals..

  8. 35K for a 1990 Esprit is a flat-out ripoff unless it has less than 20K miles and it has been recently serviced. You can pick up a V8 Esprit in good running order for not much more than that.

  9. Historical footnote: Lyndon B. Johnson had an Amphibian and loved to give rides and freak his passengers out who weren't aware of the car's dual function by heading towards the lake and exclaiming that the brakes had failed.

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