Fast Cars: Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Selling a Car on Craigslist

Fast Cars: Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Selling a Car on Craigslist

Awesome fast car review: Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Selling a Car on Craigslist

( ) Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Selling a Car on Craigslist

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34 Replies to “Fast Cars: Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Selling a Car on Craigslist”

  1. Overpricing a car. I'm sorry, but your 240SX with a new exhaust isn't worth 8K. The majority of car enthusiasts trying to sell their cars think they own some "vintage classic antique" when they actually own a complete lemon.

  2. Carfax
    Has no real useful data.
    They have no permission to find out if any wrecks or damage have happened.
    It’s illegal for insurance co or body shops to give out your information including your personal property.
    We haven’t been able to find their source of information.
    Only totaled vehicles are reported if the owner doesn’t keep the vehicle.
    Don’t waste your money.
    Also dealerships fix major problems mechanical and body damage without informing anyone about it, including the customer

  3. Great video! Great tips, thank you. I’m going to include shots of the odometer. But what good is it to “make sure” that the car I already have has a clean title?! I already have it! And if I have to sell it, I have to sell it! Not much I can do about a salvaged title, lol. I think that last tip was more buying than selling.

  4. one time I was selling my brothers impala for 3500. kids dad gave me personal check. I said cool but I'm not signing title. guy dad wouldn't go for it. so I said screw it tow trucks hear it's late. so I had to wait and see on Monday to see if his check was good. lucky for me it was good. me my dad my brother split cash.

  5. So you're saying that it's almost impossible to buy a car if they still owe just a couple thousand dollars on it? If I did buy a car like that, should I pay it off the loan and pay the owner and make sure the car title is written out to me in one sitting?

  6. I want to sell my 2010 ford focus with 44,034 miles and buy a van. I don't drive a lot so I don't need a car with good gas mileage and I've always wanted a van. I went to to see how much my car is worth. I put in my information because they said it was important for my location. Then, about 30 minutes later I started getting one text message and phone call after another from kelly blue book where they put it in a database. They wanted to pay me $4,000 for my car. I had to block everyone. That was a huge mistake. I will keep the car before giving it away or I will give it away to a family member. I paid $21,000 for the loaded car and it's in perfect running condition. My boyfriend is a mechanic so he takes care of it very well. It looks like I will keep the car as a second vehicle unless I can trade it and pay the difference. How hard is it to trade a car with someone?

  7. Cool guys and good video, but when you talked about salvage titles, y’all seemed like the dumbest pieces of shit I’ve ever heard speak. A simple fender bender can cause a car to be salvage. Learn to save your money and by a salvage or rebuilt car. And if you’re scared about the seller lying, run a carfax

  8. if someone wanted to meet me at the store instead of at his home. id think he has something to hide with the car and they dont want u to know where they live.

  9. Tags dont work anymore in 2017! I have tried them! CL does not allow them and goes to great measures to stop them! Anyone know how to add tags on CL now? 🙁

  10. Salvage title doesn't mean the car is inoperable. It just means the insurance company determined the repair costs would exceed the car's value. Some older higher end cars can have very minor damage but because the parts are expensive it becomes costly to repair. The 996 you guys just sold would be an example of that.
    Also, CarFax is not 100% reliable. They miss a lot and sometimes have inaccurate info. I know people that purchased their car new but CarFax showed an accident that did not happen and they were not able to get them to take off the misinformation.

  11. Meet in a parking lot where a lot of people are around and then get in the car with them for the test drive? Haha. Definitely not safe getting in the car for the test drive. I mean, I understand why, but just not safe.

  12. I'm selling a car with a rebuilt title. It's a 2004 Ford Tarus SES with 74000 miles.
    The car runs and breaks in new condition. I did research before I bought the car. A rebuilt title car has to go through a special sort of state inspection. Then the title can be certified rebuilt. I just had the car inspected. Front and rear breaks are at 90%. The tires are at 80%. the car looks new inside and out. I have been driving it for seven months and never experienced a single problem. I keep the car well maintained. it there any difficulty selling a car with a rebuilt title?

  13. I'm selling my car. My suggestions are : 1) don't give out your home address. 2) don't agree to hand over the keys until you've explained the limitations of the test ride (speed limit expectations, etc.) 3) have the transfer title , bill of sale with you but leave title I. A safe place or hold it aside not visible. 4) do not go on test drives with more than 1 driver and one passenger 5) ensure you shake hands upon meeting and smell the breathe for liquor or pot (I had a guy show up with pupils like pen wholes and jumping around like a speed freak. I could smell pot so this was confusing and no test drive given. 6) if they phone you and offer to buy it , site unseen, discontinue the call quickly.

  14. Hey Ramon can you guys please make a video about selling a used car with owner financing ? it is not always easy to sell over 7k priced cars too easy with cash

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