Fast Cars: Watch the KIA Cross GT Concept car Debut at the Chicago Auto Show

Fast Cars: Watch the KIA Cross GT Concept car Debut at the Chicago Auto Show

Awesome fast car review: Watch the KIA Cross GT Concept car Debut at the Chicago Auto Show

( ) The Kia Cross GT Concept car was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show previewing Kia’s move toward larger vehicles while continuing their premium look and feel. This strictly conceptual vehicle is considerably larger than the Kia Sorento. At 122.0 inches, it beats the Sorento’s wheelbase by 15.7 inches. It’s also 8.4 inches longer than the Sorento, coming in at an overall length of 192.8. It’s even wider by 4.9 inches at 79.1 inches total, but when it comes to height the Sorento is actually higher. At just 65.3″ high, the Kia Cross GT Concept is not just lower than the Sorento, but lower than most big CUVs.

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41 Replies to “Fast Cars: Watch the KIA Cross GT Concept car Debut at the Chicago Auto Show”

  1. front part is ok but the rear part is very ugly hallo peter der KiA SP ist nicht schlecht hinten der Heck könnte besser sein ein SP und ein SP Plus mit mehr Raum und KOfferaum wäre nicht schlecht, noch was wenn der Tucson das İnterieur von Kİa Sportage hätte wäre das ein TOP SUV bei alles fehlen die Vİrtual Cockpits , İch haette früher designer werden sollen (::)

  2. If Peter Schrayer design this particular model, it's the ugly one he has design yet. Infiniti FX series, Acura ZDX comes to mind in terms of competition. Sales wise they are horrible.

  3. You need to stop making up facts. Lmao.
    Hyundai has its surge starting in early 2010. They have been growing in sales every month.
    The best never stay the best forever. They will decline. Same way with Nissan.Quality declined significantly, but they're trying their best for top-notch quality. Same way with the US, having the biggest world economy for quite some time, and now it's expected for India and China to assume that position.

  4. You need to stop saying each of Hyundai/KIA models are copies of their competition– the older ones looked nothing like their competition. The 2010 Sorento is also original. Optima looks NOTHING like a Saab.
    Please stop your horrible love for Toyota, but hey– Ignorance is bliss.
    Murcielago is a great design. BTW, the Sonata looks nothing likes it competition.

  5. Did you just say Delorean makes modern-looking cars? LOL.
    And are you fucking stupid? Shreyer designed the Murcielago. Learn some respect, college Automotive design classes literally worship Peter Shreyer, my friend will major in automotive design, and they were told to research major designers.
    And trendy? The TT is still very trendy. So is the Murcielago. The Optima? It's aged quite nicely.

  6. Are you a fucking idiot?
    It's a fucking shame that you don't know who Peter Shreyer is. He's the guy who used to work at VW, Audi, and even designed the Lamborghini Murcielago. I bet if this concept was under a different brand, you would all be swooning over it.
    Go back to loving your boxy Delorean, as your profile picture shows.

  7. I love kia's looks and this will be a great step forward in the design of hopefully future models. The only thing i didnt like about the Cross Gt is the side view of the rear end but everything else is great the wheels are awesome too.

  8. I really appreciate your work and video as they are entertaining and informative. I would like to add, you should have put Peter Schreyer's name on the title or I might have missed a great interview! Plus you could probably get more views!

  9. that is a very beautiful car, but the reason it is called a concept is because they do not have the guts to release it.. like Peter said, "it has a low roof line to make it attractive." which yes looks good, but unless we are talking about a sports car then consumers are not going to line up for it. beautiful but nonfunctional…

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