Fast Cars: What You Need to Know About the $136K Mercedes-Benz G550 G-Wagon!

Fast Cars: What You Need to Know About the $136K Mercedes-Benz G550 G-Wagon!

Awesome fast car review: What You Need to Know About the $136K Mercedes-Benz G550 G-Wagon!

( ) ( ) The 2018 Mercedes-Benz G550 G-Wagon is one of the oldest and most expensive off-roaders you can buy. Check out this TFLcar review as Roman swoons over his dream off-roader.

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46 Replies to “Fast Cars: What You Need to Know About the $136K Mercedes-Benz G550 G-Wagon!”

  1. I may be in the market for a G550 or G63. The wife has been on me about replacing my aging Raptor (2010) and suggested I buy a Mercedes. I'm not really a Mercedes person but I like the looks of the G class. If I get one, maybe we could do a collaboration by driving it up some Colorado trials.

  2. Price aside, I still do not understand why so many women like these. Women tend to hate boxy shaped vehicles. They hate the Ford thing, the Honda element, etc. Maybe it is just a status thing?

  3. We first had the 230G and D back in the 80s as a family car and now I have the G500. Yeah, its boxy, over-priced, it rattles, and it's crude, but it has ATTITUDE. That can't be measured by specs alone. And yes, it is still handmade and that makes it all the more unique.

  4. If i was able to easily afford it, i'd have it offroad. I drove Wranglers anywhere they would go.
    Body damage is part of the game and easily fixable.

  5. $136,000 for Entry level? Maybe it's me but I just don't see it. Way to many car's an trucks out there to dope that kind of paper that are just nicer faster better!

  6. Buying a suv and never taking it off-road is like buying a sportscar and never taking it to a drag race or is like buying a gaming laptop but never play heavy games in it! When you buy something you should think if you are going to use it as it was design for and if you are then buy it but if not then don't waste your money.

  7. I'm a fanboy of Toyota landcruisers, 4runner and Lexus GX series. But This particular car gets my vote as incredibly capable and interestingly enough, have a good track record of reliability

  8. I'm glad I finally seen one of these offroad. LOL. I'll take my 2007 Jeep 4 door Ruby with Metal Cloak arms, 4 inch Teraflex lift, Falcon Shocks, Synergy Drag and Tracks arm, OrFab Reader tire/Nato Can holder any day! If I really wanted, a 6.2 Hemi swap I could do myself and still not cost 1/2 this price.

  9. Its a pity they don't offer a stripped down diesel version. The leather, V8 etc are just a waste of cash. The underlying engineering is still excellent. Think 4L V8 diesel or Turbo V6 Diesel

  10. If I NEEDED a SUV this would be on my short list. Very capable off roade, has the boxy rear for storage BUT buyer has to make sure garage door is tall enough. Buyer beware.

  11. They are slowing phasing this out. They will no longer offer the V12 after the G65 Final Edition and the G650 Landaulet. Hopefully they will replace it with something just as good.

  12. Just imagine for a minute what you could do for upgrades inside out with a Jeep JK for $100k? The exhaust of the G is at the worst possible exit and seems to blow dust too. I drive both a JK and a Mercedes (not a G) and I can tell you that perforated leather is not what you would want in dusty areas. But who is going to drive that G in dusty areas anyways? Can't wait for the JL, but that's just me.

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