Fast Cars: When a New Wrangler JL Just Isn’t Enough Jeep: Meet Jeep Nacho!

Fast Cars: When a New Wrangler JL Just Isn’t Enough Jeep: Meet Jeep Nacho!

Awesome fast car review: When a New Wrangler JL Just Isn’t Enough Jeep: Meet Jeep Nacho!

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Meet the Jeep Nacho. We drive this Jeep Wrangler Concept at the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari and show you a Jeep you can own.
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32 Replies to “Fast Cars: When a New Wrangler JL Just Isn’t Enough Jeep: Meet Jeep Nacho!”

  1. I prefer the JK AEV heat reduction hood and I really hope AEV carry the same or very similar design over to the new JL. Any word yet when AEV will be releasing JL accessories? I know ARB aren't too far off since they've released sneak peak pics and video from their Melbourne, Australia facility.

  2. This windshield lightbars, are they mopar or another company? I can’t seem to find them anywhere and I love the look of them and how it still looks like it allows the windshield to fold down

  3. Ok I wasn't a fan of this JL generation, but this Jeep is starting to change my thoughts on this line. This is one cool Jeep. And unlike the Rubicon JL, no ugly red dash.

  4. A real jeep is an uncomfortable, mechanical, RUGGED truck. Something you can go mudding with the top down, scrape against boulders, and cruise down long dusty trails. This is an expensive SUV with offroad capabilities. Might as well drive a lifted range rover

  5. TFL, I would like to see a vide with old low cost off roads like Suzuki samurai Vs a basic newer Jeep or similar. Performance pocket off road. Samurai vs Renegade?

  6. so Mopar is trying to keep up with custom parts makers that have been making parts for 30 years for Jeeps? Doesn't look like Roman is ready to install any of those parts? just a snap, huh? oooo, Cisco

  7. Ok let’s put the Jeep in perspective! Very cool and usable! Prerunner no! But I don’t believe Jeep is trying to sell it as a prerunner! Now with that said let let me qualify my self . I have been a baja racer for the better part of 25 years racing everything from limited buggy’s , stock truck , unlimited trucks , and currently unlimited buggy’s! Through all of my experiences I have learned that there is no such thing as a factory built prerunner! The ford raptor is a cool cruiser prerunner that if pushed like a real prerunner will find its short comings quickly. As would these jeeps . But driven properly both vehicles would be excellent for their purpose. Cruise the dezert at moderate speeds will yield loads of entertainment! Push them to hard and you may as well just drive them to the scrap yard! Don’t pay to much for them if you truly want a prerunner!

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