Fast Cars: Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Should I Buy? TFL Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Fast Cars: Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Should I Buy? TFL Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Awesome fast car review: Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Should I Buy? TFL Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

( ) There are so many different models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee with various engines and AWD systems. In this TFLcar Jeep Grand Cherokee Buyer’s Guide we tell you which one is the best bargain and which one we would buy.

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33 Replies to “Fast Cars: Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Should I Buy? TFL Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I bought My wife a Blue 2015 Limited 4×4, with 8.4 Uconnect, sunroof, tan leather with upgraded 20" Overland wheels. She Ab-So-Lutely loves it! We are now Jeep enthusiast! Love these videos! The day is coming when we will have 2 Grand Cherokees in the family.

  2. I drove the V8 and wasn’t impressed. I opted for the Trailhawk with the V6. I don’t tow anything on a regular basis so the gas mileage is a plus. The MPG destroys my old 4Runner.

  3. I thought the Quadra Drive system of the trailhawk GC make rear locker somewhat pointless as its able to electronically drive power to any single wheel at any time though a braking controlled algorithm and that an lsd / open diff was actually needed for it to function that way.

  4. I bought a 2016 with the diesel . . . and I'm sure it is by far the best engine choice. Yeah, it's a $4,000 option, but consider: It has the same tow rating as the V8 Hemi (over 7,000 pounds), because it makes 420 ft-lbs of torque. Unlike the Hemi–VERY unlike the Hemi–it returns consistently more than 30 mpg highway (I commonly get 32-33 mpg on trips). This is higher than the EPA rating, which I think is only 28 mpg highway. Since it makes so much torque at low RPMs, it's great for crawling over stuff. The diesel is quiet and smooth, and since it's coupled with that 8-speed transmission, the acceleration rate is surprisingly good up to highway speeds, because you don't need high RPM horsepower as much with many gears. I think it's a 24.6 gallon capacity. I'm sure I could reach 800 miles on a tank, if nothing unusual (mountains, off-road, heavy traffic, etc.) were involved. I love it!

  5. So I want to know which is best for towing and offroad the trailhawk or limited in both the V8 or the diesel. Specs say the limited has the best towing out of all trims at 7200 but the trailhawk and all others at 6200 or lower. I want the best they have in off road and towing while keeping as much luxury as possible. Suggestions??

  6. Apparently, I'm too tall for this car I'm six foot three and I can't even fit in it I've always had trouble even my wife is five foot six and has scraped her knees against the back of the front seats.

  7. I’ve had 6 Grand Cherokees, the Trailhawk being the best. Have the 6Cyl and it works OK, had 8’s before, better gas with the 6 and love the new 7 speed tranny. Handles deep snow, dirt, rocks, sand….and it is comfy. I’m 6’4” and can sleep in the rear, seats fold flat, unlike the other competitors. Trailhawk could have better tires, inside is OK, but the rig overall is a great vehicle, I will only drive a Jeep!

  8. Pity the diesel isn't available in the USA. I am on my second diesel JGC in Australia (first an Overland now a Trailhawk). The diesel is fantastic. Heaps of torque and power and really economical for a big wagon.

  9. guys, guys, guys, take a road trip, I know Denver has some offroad custom shops that will do things to your jeep that make these look weak. Try Chris Overacker in Rifle,

  10. jeep's website is SHIT! so hard to tell the difference between all their damn models. can't even compare all their models. no option to see the trailhawk, trackhawk, etc. wtf?!

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