Fast Cars: World’s Only All-Wheel-Drive Dodge Challenger GT AWD @SEMA

Fast Cars: World’s Only All-Wheel-Drive Dodge Challenger GT AWD @SEMA

Awesome fast car review: World’s Only All-Wheel-Drive Dodge Challenger GT AWD @SEMA

( ) The Dodge Challenger GT AWD is the world’s only Challenger that has All-Wheel-Drive. In this TFLcar video Roman get’s the scoop on this AWD Muscle car concept at this years SEMA Show.

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48 Replies to “Fast Cars: World’s Only All-Wheel-Drive Dodge Challenger GT AWD @SEMA”

  1. That's my dream, but with the 392. They had a charger pre-2015 body that has the supercharged 5.7. I saw YouTube videos of it running the quarter and it was a MONSTER! I live in CT and all wheel drive would be a dream! Plus hooking up from a stand still. Good luck mustang and camero if they do this! Hello gtr and Porsche

  2. Bout dang time. The Charger has all wheel drive. Also, how bout ya add an extra floor pedal and swap in a 6 speed rower with AWD? Why does everything have to be a slush box? People are so afraid of rowing gears.

  3. It's nice to have awd if you live in a country that gets lots of snow. But they should bring at least the 5.7 in it. V6 is good for daily but if you buy a challenger especially a expensive awd one you should be able to get at least a 5.7. 5.7 would be good for dialy and Still have some speed. Be nice to have a 6.4 or hellcat but with gas wouldn't be a good daily. 5.7 came a long way in the earlier 2000s they were horrible for gas mileage now there not bad drop down cylinders etc.

  4. NOW THIS IS A CAR WITH TRACTION, LOOK AT THE UPPER SWAY BAR! The fact is that most police cars are AWD for better traction in all locations. This is SICK! But it didn't take. They decided to go with the demon instead which in my opinion was the stupidest thing dodge could do. A car with that much power RWD is a death machine…Giving it a roll bar is a nightmare. The first young kid idiot will kill themselves in it I BET ANY THING YOU WANT THAT WITHIN A YEAR OF THE DEMON HITTING THE STREETS TWO PEOPLE WILL GET KILLED IN THEM. I have the Dart GT And it's my first new dodge…I have been buying a new car every two years since 1990. Only for keeping a good warranty and the love of that smell…Face it once you fart in your new baby she's gone boy she's gone. I have had 10 Toyota Trucks, Three Pontiac's, Four Hyundai's and now the Dodge. My first was a 90 Camaro Piece of Shit. Now that Pontiac is back on the market I may take a look…GTO?

  5. they have the 2014 Dodge Charger RT all wheel drive system and it's terrible it makes so much noise I think they had used Chrysler 300 4 wheel drive system on 2014 models and the company does nothing to fix the issue.

  6. Wow COOL! A V6 Challenger. I hope they copy Ford's "drift mode" so I can YouTube search a bunch of idiots careen that big pile of shit off of the road. 😉 6.4 or they can keep it.

  7. I wish they would put frames back into some of these cars. They just don't feel or look as multi-purpose as the old muscle cars did. Could you replay the Bullitt chase scene with modern cars, and not worry about the cars breaking something major? The newer muscle cars would bottom out, and would be riding crooked after traversing the San Francisco streets at high speed.


  9. Great idea for an AWD hellcat….but Dodge needs to first send the car on a diet – if you put an AWD system into the existing Charger its going to top 4800lbs! Then the boat jokes are really going to start coming.

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