Hot Wheels: 1973 Citroën SM – One Take

Hot Wheels: 1973 Citroën SM – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 1973 Citroën SM – One Take

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This 1973 Citroen SM is one of the coolest and most interesting vehicles ever made. In the pursuit of the ultimate GT car, Citroen created a stunning, 4-seat coupe body powered by a 3.0L Maserati V6 engine and suspended on a unique hydropneumatic self-leveling and height-adjustable “oil suspension,” for unsurpassed ride quality before, and arguably since. This example has been owned by friend of TST Alex Roy for the past 9 years.

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37 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 1973 Citroën SM – One Take”

  1. Citroen had some legendary models in the past. This is one of them. Build quality and design of their cars then cannot be compared to their models today. This is an icon.

  2. My neighbors had one in the 70s. Coolest car in the neighborhood. I remember the sound and the cool ride. It was so cool when they parked it. Slammed to the ground.
    I just remembered. Theirs had the tail lights basically on the roof.

  3. From the front the car looks like an older Camaro mated with a 240Z. From the side it looks like an AMC Javelin. And then from the rear you expect to see Doc and Marty hop out and start yammering about reaching 88 mph before they run out of parking lot or gas.

  4. In the 70's I spent time working in a Citroen shop in North California. Saw a few of these in the shop and went on test drives after repairs. Super smooth but were always in need of repair. The customer base were Silicon valley engineers and the eccentric. You need deep pockets to keep these going.

  5. First – learn how to pronounce the name of this car correctly. Its SEE – TWAH – YEN
    Second – this guy is one of the hottest bears I've seen :-p

  6. Remember: the C6 is the new SM. Just as special, just as spectacular, beautiful and awesome to drive, and just as bad as the SM. A failed car, like the SM, with only 24000 sold! I’m getting one, before they become collectors items.

  7. Beautiful car!.
    In 94 a friend of mine did some work on my car, in the back of his shed was a Citroen sm in bits, the full car, he wanted 7k for it, I wish I'd bought it!.

  8. i wish cars rode this nicely these days…. but no… we have to focus on handling!!!! oh well… maybe when we become passengers instead of drivers it comfort may return.

  9. People always say that the brakes are weird and a bit scary at first but it’s so easy. I’ve only had my drivers licence for a couple of months and I drove a DS and the brakes are so easy. If you don’t think about it being a weird mushroom, it feels completely normal if not nicer than a normal brake pedal. I absolutely love DSs and SMs, truly some of the most beautiful, cool and cleverest cars ever conceived.

  10. The 3.0 wasn’t a better engine, it was bigger but it was only made for US markets and was affected by the Emissions laws at the time so the 2.7 is actually quicker and more powerful than the 3.0.

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