Hot Wheels: 1980 Volkswagen Mk1 Rabbit – One Take

Hot Wheels: 1980 Volkswagen Mk1 Rabbit – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 1980 Volkswagen Mk1 Rabbit – One Take

This 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit is a fine example of the first-generation car. Although it looks rusted, having sat outside in the California sun for two decades, the owner, MIke, has clearcoated over the rust to preserve its appearance as-is. The interior is remarkably fresh, and aside from being pitifully slow with only 76 HP, the Rabbit is actually quite nice to drive.

Check out Mike’s Rabbit on Wheelwell!

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28 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 1980 Volkswagen Mk1 Rabbit – One Take”

  1. @4:00 totally true. My buddy had a mint Mk1 Rabbit, I don't think there was one thing in the interior that did not rattle.

    Shame really, it was a good looking car.

  2. God i do love the look of the mark 1 🙂 i have a 2.3 20v v5 mark 4 and plan to get a mark 4 r32 but a mark 1 with a 1.8 T engine with the turbo turned up does sound very tempting! Lots of fun 🙂

  3. No reason to leave the 1.6 in there might as well put a 2.0 efi couldn't cost more than 300 to buy a clapped out car and switch the whole thing over and then have 200 hp to 400 hp on the cheap and run e 85. 1800 lbs and 300 hp would be a rocket.

  4. Hi Matt,I just love these cars. I've owned and driven all the fun VW''s. My first car was a 77 Rabbit California "Wild Hare" edition with red plaid interior. My next was a white 78 Scirocco "S" "Sidewinder" edition. That was my best car ever. Even back than I put a Neuspeed Cam, sway bars and Koni yellow sport shocks with Neuspeed springs. I put in a 1.8 Gti motor with close ratio 4spd. I remember staying shift for shift with a Alfa Romeo on Muholland drive back in the late 80's. Those were the days. I recently found a nice Red 81 Scirocco "S" ediition that I have build up to the same specs as my original 78. I'll be trying it out soon up Angeles Crest hwy. Keep en eye out you can't miss this car it's a beauty. I'll let you drive it once I make sure it's ready. Gotta fine tune the brakes. Runs like a champ right now.Andre

  5. The whole video all I could do is facepalm. The cars been through like 6 owners in 2 years. The 2nd being a well known individual in the scene of Mark ones, whom pulled it from original owners driveway after sitting for more than a decade. Who then followed to restore the car, clear the car, redo the interior. All the sweat equity in the car was done years (and owners ago).

    I just find it funny that when you're under the audience of 3/4 a million people, that you automatically bought a steaming pile.

    The Mark one platform was designed to be an economy platform that performed on 87, there's a nice sticker in the gas door that specifying that. A large 91 octane (Brazil market) followed by "max 87 octane" on the American platform.

    Calling out and backstabbing previous owners (who did all the work for you), and backing it up with poorly researched facts to deem you the most knowledgable. Amazing what someone can throw together for a video audience.

  6. Fuck me why did I sell my mk1…I always thought that ABA turbos made such an inexpensive, quick, yet nimble car. 150hp at under 2000lbs is plenty of fun. Sniff..sniff.

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