Hot Wheels: 2001 Porsche 996 Carrera – One Take

Hot Wheels: 2001 Porsche 996 Carrera – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2001 Porsche 996 Carrera – One Take

This may be the best-bought 996 in history, for under $10,000. So how’s it drive?

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  1. Matt's a great guy and has experienced more cars than most of us will in our entire life time. Yet 3 years later it's interesting to revisit this One take and hear Matt's comments about the 996 when Matt was just starting One Takes and also just being introduced to many different generations of Porsche's. Matt mentions that it's not that fast, but the 996 3.4 liter has always been a screamer with power coming on strong above 5000 rpm and pulls hard to 7000 rpm. I don't think Matt really gave the 996 a fair shake and proper drive on these tight and twisting roads where he never really got to ring it out and feel the power. I can tell he spent most of his time between 3000-5000 rpm. The 996 3.4 is a momentum car for sure. Also what is very interesting is that 3 years and 600 one takes later and many Porsche 911's driven under Matt's belt, Matt decided to chose a much slower, not as well handling, and inferior braking Porsche 911 to buy for his own personal collection. Goes to show you that Matt saw the light about what makes Porsche's special. It's not necessarily the straight line speed, but how the car makes you feel submersed in the driving experience and connected to the road like no other car no matter the speed. You can enjoy these cars going slow or fast. Nice to see Matt warm up to Porsche after all these one takes. There really is no substitute. ;^)

  2. Who cares if it’s not fast! 300hp is a fun car because you can rev the car and go through the gears and enjoy yourself

  3. "I'm gonna feel really stupid not buying one.."

    Cut to 2017.
    Finishes Fox body.
    Still no Porsche.

    Even Spike Feresten is wondering why Matt still doesn't have a Porsche. Will he ever? I'd be interesting to see.

  4. 996 are very reliable, with clutch, ims,RMS done! Maybe a upgraded water pump if you like. other than that, typical Porsche maintanence and ugly headlights and front end, but once you are inside it's still a 911.
    Wait, $10k for a beat 914 or 944? Matt, do your homework those cars you named for the exception of certain models, holding their value and worth a lot more than a 996 911 decreasing in value daily. I'd take and 89 944 Turbo S over a 99-01 911 any day. DIFFERENT strokes for different folks! That's why I own classic 911's .

  5. I think if ever a car was the perfect example of an import car that is sreaming for an LS swap the standard 996 is it. This is especially true if you are money coanscious but would like a car with a certain amount of prestige and all the good aspects of porsches. I think an LS would remedy the most glaring issue which is lack of adequate power for something of this era with a 911 badge. Many people like me are tempted by 996s we see at very reasonable selling price but then worry about having to fix or rebuild the motor as in this fine persons situation would mean more money then the initaial purchase in many situations. If one could spend lets say 5k on a used first gen Ls making 350 350 and have the swap done for another 5k to where it wasnt full of bugs one would have a great daily driver. Classy but not ostentatious, fast enough to be immensely fun without being overkill for the street. If I am to believe how well the structures of thses cars hold up one would have a car that would actually be knocking on the door of a prudent car in terms of initial cost, maintence going forward and probably get quite good MPGs, and run well deep into high mileage #s. If is actually feasible to find a good donor car and do a bullet proof swap for 30k , i think its an attainible thing for many more people who would like a 911 with balls. Hopefully parting out the current motor, unless you buy one with a fully roasted motor should also get some of your money back selling the motor. Most porsches are so overpriced that if your goal is just to own the marque but want some extra beans over the anemic stockmpowernplant this seems the least silly of swaps in many ways to me. Im thinking a stock LS 1 would remedy the power issue with reliability without overwhelming the chassis and other components. And you would then be able to build on the car overtime when it came time to replace things, if you so chose. I love sleepers as well, so I would run a tame exhaust just to see the surprise when an avearge 996 911 accelerated more like an TT then the regular base 911. I drove one back in the day and was actually shocked who slow feeling anything with a 911 badge could feel in that era. Maybe im dreaming and even a mechanically sound Ls motor you can purchase used for 5k wll take more then another 5 k to do a proper basic swap to have a reliable car without quirks and gremlins. But if this is not a pipe dream I could see a not too ratty 996 with gaood service history and this swap being much more enjoyable and liveable then most imports with sporting intentions would be. Im sure once you started looking for big power and all the upgrades needed it would lose the value proposition down a rabbit hole, but is there a sweet spot where you just get a better performing more reliable iconic sports car with unmistakeable look and dont bleed money?. Really seems like a possible remedy for people who want a porsche but want more go for the show but can't afford anything other then a 996 era car. What does a basic renegade swap cost if you bring them a car an motor where all the guagues , electronics and hvac work?

  6. these still aren't that expensive, hovering around 15 grand, and a lot of them have had the IMs bearing done by now.
    That said, the 996 turbo x50 looks so god damn good (575hp with very little mod work), too bad it's 35 grand

  7. Hi, I am getting my 997 S project back this week. I built it from scratch and would love for you to drive it through the canyon. When is the next time people can meet you in the canyon? Oh my car has 249000 miles on the odometer!

  8. These things are twenty grand now routinely. I see a lot of them on the market with over 100k mi. If I can find a 2002+ 996 Carrera 4 under 50k mi and on the sweet side of $20k, I'm very tempted to pick one up to replace my DD 2011 Miata.

  9. great video, watched it a few times before buying my 996.2 3.6l Targa.
    interesting it looks lower than stock yet there no A/M springs listed in the equipment list ?

  10. The 996s look different, not bad, different. I find they're less cringe-worthy if you think about it as being a more separate entity. It was Porsche trying to keep up with the times and it worked, and they learned from it to make the 997.

  11. I recently purchased a 99 Carrera convertible w a 6 speed manual for 30k miles for $18k I love it it's still tight as new and a blast to drive I love it!

  12. Yay! about to pull the trigger on this exact model. Of course I need to get rid of a car first. I hate the steering wheel position, and it doesn't move up/ down. I get why… but, still.

  13. I love the 996, it's honestly my favorite 911. I love the luscious curves, rear vents and long bar taillight design of the 996, such a beautiful clean design.

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