Hot Wheels: 2002 Honda Civic Si 'EP3' Hatch – One Take

Hot Wheels: 2002 Honda Civic Si 'EP3' Hatch – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2002 Honda Civic Si 'EP3' Hatch – One Take

This 2002 Honda Civic SI is an odd bird in the Honda family, in North America at least. This hatchback body style was the only way you could get an Si for this generation, and you couldn’t get the hatchback at all with any other powertrain. These Hondas are best remembered for their signature dash-mounted shifters (also used in the Element), but make great secondhand practical runabouts. This example features basic suspension modifications as well as an intake.

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39 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 2002 Honda Civic Si 'EP3' Hatch – One Take”

  1. What is that guy making videos of when he doesn't know the basics of Honda's? I had an ep3 did an a2 swap but kept 5 speed and it was still slow. I sold it! My type s is much more fun. But I still want my ek hatch back! This video is as disappointing as the k20a3!

  2. Ooh, whoops scraped something, haha and then bang off a 1-2 shift like a high schooler who thinks that his car is fast because it'll chirp 3rd gear. Dick…

  3. Im not a big Honda fan never owned one but i have driven 2 base models and my parents Pilot with the J-series engine, but theres something about the EP3 i really like wouldn't mind owning one. As far as I/E/H/C mods go is there any ECU tunes you could get for the K20A3 to wake it up?

  4. I own this car and it's a great city car and reliable,if something breaks it's cheap to fix,, interchangeable with rsx parts,,,plain and simple cheap car to maintain and is a thrill to drive…people hate bcuz it doesn't have real VTEC,but it is really fun!!!..worst come worst drop the rsx type s engine,,,the car weighs 2700 lbs same as in Integra!!!

  5. saw one in a parking lot today…lady said they are planning to sell it…when i asked she said $2500……then i said i pay you now i will not even test drive the car…..then she said i will need to talk to my husband first LOL

  6. I used to have one, 2004 Civic Si. Bought it brand new. It had an AEM intake, DC Sports Headers, Megan Exhaust System and a Buddy Club short shifter. It needed a little more power. It was/ is a great car to have. I recommend it to anyone looking for a hatch.

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