Hot Wheels: 2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit

Hot Wheels: 2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit

The Smoking Tire visits the beautiful Ojai valley with two of Lotus’s finest cars, the Elise and the Esprit. Matt Farah hits the canyons to find out how the quintessential ‘new’ Lotus compares to the well-aging Esprit V8

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46 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit”

  1. Keep dreaming about Toyota engine reliability. If that's a VVTI, and it is the same spec that I had, you will be in for a rebuild when the oil rings fail and it uses more oil than petrol.

  2. U r da best when it comes to talk about cars the way you comment is captivating it s a quite remarkable journalism with a very different approach to the auto world pls continue by choosing smart topics like this one ,Bravo

  3. Though the company no doubt continued on the theme, the Esprit was genuinely Colin Chapman 's car. Sadly his life ended in 1978 and the Elise wasn't born until 1994, so Colin had no direct involvement in that car.

  4. The twin turbo mid engine V-8 sports car makes me all tingly "down there" like I was a few decades younger. Can't say the same about a kit car Corolla- that's sarcasm, if you had any doubt. Still it wouldn't take a lot to convert it to a more modern ECU, like a Haltech and a dyno to tune the power in the first couple of gears more progressively and let it breath in the top gears. It's not a drag car so you can only put so much power down off the line anyway, but it would rip to have the acceleration curve not drop off until you were WAY past the legal limits. When going around corners in steep canyon roads, a smooth progressive power curve is a must for enjoyment and to keep you from joining the rusty hulks that sit down near the bottom.

  5. I most certainly missed this version of you Matt…..I just watched the newest video you produced of this car 1/19/2018 and this video is much much better…..I think the sound quality is even better.

  6. Esprit, although I have a hard time with the turbo four or twin turbo 8…. And I got to admit, I lean towards a later turbo 4 only cause it's more "Lotus-e". I would love to own a Lotus Esprit regardless of V8 or I4 engine though. 🙂

  7. Best thing lotus ever did with the Elise is change from using the rover k series engine to the Toyota engine. It’s the perfect combination lightweight British chassis with reliable japanese engine

  8. *i'm like you. i'm 6'5" i can only drive the 1993 or newer esprit turbo. that's the only thing my big ass will fit in. Plus i've always had an affinity for the Esprit anyway.

  9. i have watched most of your new one takes and other reviews and this old one blows all of them out of the water. great well rounded review that is informative and not biased.

  10. If I was well to do and I could only choose one, I'd probably go for the Esprit. I'd be able to afford the upkeep and you can't deny the beauty. Being an average Joe, you gotta go for the Elise. High end sports car performance with Japanese car reliability for less than 35k used.

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