Hot Wheels: 2015 Honda Civic Si – (Track) One Take `

Hot Wheels: 2015 Honda Civic Si – (Track) One Take `

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2015 Honda Civic Si – (Track) One Take `

Matt attends the Motor Press Guild’s annual track day, where he gets to drive a wide variety of cars at Willow Springs. To Celebrate passing 300,000 YouTube Subscribers, we’re uploading 11 videos in 11 days!

Today, it’s the 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe! Honda’s hottest US offering is down on power compared to its turbocharged competition, but on the race track, does it offer the kind of feedback that an entry level sports car driver is looking for?

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29 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 2015 Honda Civic Si – (Track) One Take `”

  1. Just test drove one of these, and I found the torque to be great. I am used to a 2004 EX, though, and I can mash the throttle as I upshift and just have the engine bog down because I've practically got none. But considering I'm not a huge fan of the 10th gens because of how bad the rev hang is, I think I've made a case for this being my next car, especially considering how affordable they are nowadays.

  2. I disagree about not having enough torque on the street. I have a 12' Si and there's plenty of torque to get around starting around 2500-3000 rpm for daily driving.
    I also don't think the fiesta st feels much faster from the ones I've driven. It is also a fun car. Matt is clearly biased when it comes to the ST..

  3. The fiesta ST is great but don't agree it feels or is faster than the civic Si in a straight line. I own a 12' Si and have driven the fiesta st several times.

  4. People have been Stage 3 on the FiST for 50k+ miles with 0 problems. Where are you getting these reliability issues you are all silly. Only transmission issues were with the non-ST models, and they have a different trans you silly goose.

  5. It doesn't take much to make these things fast. The civic si is just a little more expensive brand new but it also holds its value much better than the fiesta st. All you need is bolt ons and a tune and you will be eating fiesta st's for breakfast. That money can easily be gotten back also from the resale value of the si if you aren't one of those people who keeps a car forever(which most aren't). Go for a turbo kit instead of bolt ons and the fiesta st might as well be a prius.

  6. I own this car (2015 coupe) which I bought on trade-in of my 2012 Si. I've own a few of these dating back to 1999 and this one is far and away the best Si they've sold in the US. Other owners my disagree, but hands down, for me, this is the best one so far. Hopefully in 2018 I can sell it and get a Type-R, or the next turbo based model.

  7. Lmao fiesta is ugly and had nearly not as much power as it should have and creator not good on track . Civic si wins here you picky ass Matt. Your cars ar kinda ugly btw

  8. i went to the ford dealer to test drive a fiesta st and ended up leaving in a used 08 civic si they had on the lot.for me the si just feels like a little race car,it just feels right and put a big smile on my face.the st was nice,but didnt have the over all feel the si has,and its quicker than you expect it to be,it impressed me alot ,love the engine, the 8,000 rpm redline,the handling is outstanding for a fwd the k20 can handle boost like a champ! it can keep up with cars 3 times the price on a track as you can see in the video. this coming from someone whos owned a ton of cars,vettes,camaros,mustangs,m3,lightning,gn,swapped 240,etc.the si is one of the most fun cars Ive owned.

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