Hot Wheels: 2015 Mustang GT – One Take

Hot Wheels: 2015 Mustang GT – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2015 Mustang GT – One Take

Matt tests the new, 2015 Mustang GT with Performance Pack at Angeles Crest Highway

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  1. I agree with you that the clutch is difficult to modulate. I've owned the car for two months and I'm still trying to master the clutch. My previous car was a Boxster and I could drive it to the point that passengers wouldn't even know when I shifted.

  2. California drivers won't pull over and insist on sitting in the fast lane and making you pass them on the right. Which, in California, is legal. What the libturds don't realize is that it is illegal to make someone have to pass on the right. But most Californians hate all things that are right, which is why they are so wrong

  3. Meh, I'm just not as excited about this car as a 2013. Can't quite put my finger on the reasons specifically, maybe it's the heavier weight, maybe it's the slower acceleration, maybe it's the newer interior dash design that I don't care for over the last one, or maybe it's just the fact that the 2015 doesn't have the sexy LED tail light rings that the 2013 does.

  4. s550 mustang is an utter piece of junk.
    full of problems and rides like a pos..
    go buy the gen 6 camaro if u want a proper car coz the s550 is junk..i sold mine after 5 months of ownership.glad to see the back of it.

  5. Pretty old video… Woops. But just wanted to say. Even if you bust that POS OEM half shaft in the rear, you're in luck. Because they make way stronger ones along with pretty much all of the rear end components, in aftermarket.

  6. Hi Matt, honest to God question please… If you had to choose between 2017 Mustang Gt, with performance package or a used 911 Base model or maybe an S (997) at roughly the same price,
    which would you choose for a Daily driver and would you be happy?
    Any words of advice would be great.
    Thank you ­čÖé

  7. Hey Matt (and everyone at Smoking Tire.. ^^) I do enjoy your videos. I have to ask your expert opinions for the next car I am going to buy for myself (After getting my wife the Fiesta ST first. ^^) I have about a $30,000 budget after the St purchase when I get my SSDI started, I'm retired btw^^.

    I am hopelessly torn between the 2015 Mustang GT with 6M, and the 2011 Challenger Srt 392 IE Edition with 6M. Yupp the same one you gave rave reviews to, right when you had your back operated on years ago.

    Now, I'm not a driver that spends all day at the track sliding around cones, racing the 1/4 mile, or hooning my musclecar around the neighborhood to pay heavy fines to the local LEO. (Not saying those are bad things mind you, they would be great Youtube videos worth millions of views.) But I am a cruiser type driver overall with a wife and daughter who just turned 12. I'm the guy that loves rolling easy through the gears up to maybe 5 over the limit on most roads, and will just follow the flow on the highway so I don't get creamed from behind.

    Between the 2015 Mustang GT (Love the styling, FordTouch and warrenty) and the 2011-2014 Dodge Challenger Srt8 (IE Edition strongly preferred 2011) (Love the style, added comfort, bigger size, but no warrenty.) what would you choose? And yes everyone else commenting can add theirs as well.. as long as it's not "Dodge Sucks man, get a Stang for mowing people down at car shows'… or 'Mopar or No-Car'….

    Please help…^^ (I've driven everything from 455 powered 1970 GTOs to 700 horsepower tractor trailers and dump trucks with enough torque to pull a house .)

    Thanks everyone…
    Kimonoskunk <><
    1 Corinthians 15 1-4

  8. Hello guys i might need some help from the owners of the 2015 2016 mustang gt some info about the car I need a good review and overview of the car I'm in between the GT AND THE 370Z I like the GT more but people keep on telling me negative things about it so I need some info from a real owner so hit me back I will appreciate it I'm getting it 5 or 8 month from now and I don't want to get the wrong car people been saying that the car has a lot of engine and transmission problems and leaks so hit me back with any Info i appreciate it , i dont want to get the wrong car and waste my money
    help me out im going for the base

  9. fair review man and I largely agree with alot of what you said. I also wish the seat was a little lower and the steering could tilt lower.I'm very tall and I have to recline the seat a bit to fit with my helmet on. That said I do like that ford has the raised roof notches for taller people who plan to track the car that was really forward thinking

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