Hot Wheels: 2016 Honda Civic Touring – One Take

Hot Wheels: 2016 Honda Civic Touring – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2016 Honda Civic Touring – One Take

For $27,000 as tested, this new Civic is just a really good car. It has lots of room, it has lots of features, and it has a newly found level of refinement at a totally reasonable price. It’s built well and comfortable, and has lots of neat storage solutions. With a few key modifications, it could be a handling champion. But for the non-car enthusiast in your life, this is a car you can get behind.

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  1. YES!….well not really..
    hahaha that got me laughing my ass off mate but its all good nice honest review. question though how does it compare with the mazda 3 or even the cx3 you drove onc?

  2. Thanks for the video. I appreciate it because once I analyze your review compared to the all the other reviews out there in existence in youtube…I can now see that your apparently modest review is actually an extremely great compliment to the Civic. Think about it guys, he's one of those hardcore car guys who like to get down and dirty with their manual transmission, revs and handling….and yet did he ever once actually talk trash or mention how disappointed he was with this car?

    Not even once. The guy literally gave this affordable, stylish, luxury and economy based car a "meh, not bad" rating for sportiness? Holy shit, what else could this fucking car need? No wonder this car is the best car of the year NA. It's not only the best of all worlds, it's THE best IN all of those worlds! (minus the pure sportiness ofcourse, which is why it's amazing that it's still good enough to not get a thumbs down by this hot blooded car guy) Ooooh man I want this car.

  3. Uh, well, sounds like Honda is doing better than its recent history. Funny that Matt says the trans knows the right ratio, then has to shift to low to get that. Sad that an "improvement" for Honda-of-today is that they got rid of a feature that plagued a previous iteration (that was not used on any other generation before it). Shouldn't a big company just get things right with each generation, needing only minor improvements.

  4. I LOVE the new civic. It's just so hard to look away lol. Man, if I knew ahead of time that the 10 gen was gonna be this good, I wouldn't have jumped the gun on my FR-S lol. But I still love her though ­čÖé

  5. I just traded in my 2016 Civic. The CVT transmission is so bad I almost had an accident. I had a hard stop and get going situation by an intersection. The transmission failed to react quickly. I was standing in the middle of the road and my car just didn't started to accelerate. Those seconds and delay counts big time! The other issue that I had is the wet road, not to mention snowy road conditions. The 17" Firestone F140 tires are completely useless. 50 mph on a highway in wet road is already dangerous with these. 2 inch snow and you are lost with these tires. So I wish I had Michelin Premier A/S on it and get manual transmission instead of CVT.

  6. Interesting. I was able to get my 2012 Accord EX-L V6 Manual 2-door for about 26k brand new on the lot. Of course, it was the last year of that generation, but it still had SLA suspension in the front unlike the subsequent models which have struts.

  7. Picked up an EX-T a couple weeks back and I'm an enthusiast. It's fantastic. Period. And he forgot to mention the lane keep assist. You can let this thing effectively drive itself above 45 mph and it works very well!

  8. For the first time ever in car history China gets the best version: 1.5T 6MT with 177HP and 226Nm. Going to order mine tomorrow in the same grey as in the video. Will be a long wait because manuals are not popular and factory is struggling to keep up with CVT deliveries…

  9. I am an "enthusiast" who just bought one of these new Civics, and it is fantastic. Handles great, tons of torque with the turbo, extremely refined, super solid chassis, and it looks like 60,000 bucks.

  10. Honda is coming out with the 1.5L turbo with a stick shift on 2017 models.
    I don't think they will make SI versions but they might have the type R in the US though.

  11. This is probably the first Civic I would personally buy, and this is coming from someone who is anything but a fan of Honda. The car is just nice (even my mother did the "that's a civic?" routine), but the peppy 175hp turbo motor is the cherry on top.

  12. review my car! jk. the cvt to me is boring, can't do anything more than put your foot down and hope for the best, no driver interaction, no feel, nothing.

  13. I know it's an unpopular opinion to modify a CVT car, but in my opinion the car needs a full exhaust setup, blow off valve for "braaapp stutututu" action, bigger intercooler, ECU reflash, good wheel and tyre combo, a big wing at the back, and a simple but aggressive add-on bodykit.

    It'll be an awesome daily!

  14. Hey, hey now. Hyundai and Kia are about the only reason Toyota and Honda were forced to step up their game in terms of design and interiors. Does anyone remember what the Corolla, Civic, Camry, and Accord were like before the Sonata and Optima bombs were dropped on the market?

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