Hot Wheels: 2017 Lincoln Continental – One Take

Hot Wheels: 2017 Lincoln Continental – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2017 Lincoln Continental – One Take

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The all-new Continental is a make-or-break car for Lincoln, a brand that, until this car, did not have a single vehicle to call their own in the modern era. The Continental features a twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 making 400 horsepower to a haldex-style all-wheel-drive system, but its real talents are in the luxury arena, where first-rate ride quality and amenities make the Continental a lovely place to spend your time.

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  1. Hola s todo les mando un cordial saludos a todos lincon es línea con muy mucha superiodisad en los carros americanos y la lincon se codea con las compañías de mercedes.bien y bwb y de las tres compañía yo preferior la compañía americana la lincon me gusta mucho la.linea de lincon y les mando un cordial saludo a todos su amigo fco nares cuevas saludos desde mi país de. Mexico

  2. And here we are a year later and Ford has decided to phase out a majority of its car production aside from Mustang. If Ford is making better cars, why aren't people buying them?

  3. I liked this video Matt, and i really like your choice of really good roads to use as a backdrop, Very Smooth!I watched the video of the Tiara boat last night, was equally impressed, this is the perfect job for you to entertain us with real life perspective on many levels dude! December'17 i seen Jimmy Kimmel endorce the watch you guy's like, it's classy I imagine it will be a great Christmas gift this year, Keep on keeping on brother, Merry Christmas! 😉

  4. Its not really its own thing like u said… park a 15-17 mustang next to it and compare the front ends. My complaint about the new stangs are those nearly $2000 a piece head lamps 🙁

  5. I think all the haters would eat their words if they saw Parker's review(s) of the Continental from Vehicle Virgins. Or if they saw close up pictures of the car with the whitish leather package. What I love about the car is that Lincoln will drop off a Continental at your home or office for every service appointment during your first 4 years of ownership 🙂 No more wasting time at the dealer. Genesis is also providing this convenience.

  6. A FWD car like this just doesn't feel right at such a lofty price of $70,000 – $80,000. I used to work BDC (Internet sales) at a Ford Lincoln dealership and people I talked to on the phone would ask if there was a rear wheel drive Lincoln and I would sadly have to tell them no. Lincoln will never return to greatness until they stop cutting corners and using the CD4 Ford Fusion platform for their cars like the Continental and MKZ. The least they could do is take Ford's only RWD platform from the Mustang and stretch it to make a proper full size luxury sedan like the similarly priced Cadillac CT6. Overall this new Lincoln Continental is a very nice car, but it could have been better with a RWD platform and an EcoBoost 8 cylinder engine which no other Ford had. That cheap plastic dashboard shown throughout this video is laughable on such an expensive car. It reminds me of a 1990s Ford Taurus dashboard.

  7. These motherfuckers are crazy asking $71k for this turd. No wonder you don't see them on the road. You'd have to be an insane old fart to buy this in lieu of a slightly smaller German sedan.

  8. It's annoying when people say the price of the car went toward this and that.. the car didn't cost 70k to build. I'm positive it doesn't cost 70k to build this car! lol I think people forget just how much manufacturers make off these cars..

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