Hot Wheels: 2018 Camaro ZL1 / 1LE – One Take

Hot Wheels: 2018 Camaro ZL1 / 1LE – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2018 Camaro ZL1 / 1LE – One Take

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The new Camaro ZL1 / 1LE is, fundamentally, the best of what GM’s Performance division can do with the sixth-generation Camaro platform, while still having a road-legal vehicle. It features the 650 HP LT4 Supercharged 6.2L V8 found in the Corvette Z06, but with a much larger frontal area for better cooling and more consistent power. It has Multimatic Spool Valve dampers, like real race cars. You can only get it with a six-speed manual gearbox, and on the Nurburgring, it’s faster than supercars not even a couple of years old. This car is, put simply, insanely fast. But does it work as a road car? Do I want one? Let’s find out. 

I was allowed to make this video thanks to the kind people at NBC Sports, who paid my airfare, hotels, and meals while in North Carolina. See my track test of the Camaro ZL1 as part of the “What Makes Fast” episode of /DRIVE (the TV Show) coming this September exclusively on NBC Sports!

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32 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 2018 Camaro ZL1 / 1LE – One Take”

  1. the DRAMA in these cars is what draws me to them so much. I had an SS 1LE and loved it. ended up getting an M6 Gran Coupe which which was a beautiful, very fast and nice car to be in but I've missed the drama. Looking at my next trackable dad-car has a list of things like M3, Camaro ZL1 +/- 1LE, 911 992, or Cayman GTS or GT4. thankful to have such first world problems but despite the refinement of the german cars, they still lack the drama making the SS 1LE or ZL1 +/- 1LE so much fun.

  2. I gotta say that Matt and the vlog have really grown on me and Matt seems like a really cool honest dude that you could definitely chill with , little BBQ, couple cold one's and that's what I really love about the vlog is that he seems normal and not some wanna be, know it all, race car dude!! And he's American!!! I feel like all the other guys that do this are English!! Lol I got no problem with the Brits I love you guys, your pretty much family the way I see it, like cousins or a step-brother!! Lol, but it's just refreshing to hear it out of the mouth of a fellow American!! But love the down to earth style of the vlog and wish nothing but success to Matt and everyone involved in making"the smoking tire" the show that it is!!!

  3. I just wish Chevy would create a 32V dohc v8 to shut all Ford nut lovers up. TBH Chevy only makes ohv v8 with 16 valves while Ford continue to make 32V v8s. So in real life who gets the jumps off the line quicker.

  4. Why do ppl get so bent out of shape about this
    The shelby is more of a event. It has more theater with the sound and high revving engine.
    The camaro is the statistical king in terms of test numbers.
    The hellcat is the comfortable cruiser that has horse power bragging rights.

  5. Great video! thank you! I just purchased a ZL1 1LE yesterday and I get what your saying exactly about first gear, it almost makes you feel as if you have to relearn driving a stick for a minute it’s odd and took a bit to get used to, I thought it was because I’m used to the feel of the clutch in my 2018 STi, so again thanks for this video.

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