Hot Wheels: 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider – (Track) One Take

Hot Wheels: 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider – (Track) One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider – (Track) One Take

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Read my detailed review of the 600LT Spider at Road & Track!

The 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider is the roofless version of the stripped down, lightweight, and vertically-exhausted trackday special. Weighing just 3,100 lbs wet and making 600 HP and 457 lb/ft, the 600LT is brutally fast, and with brakes from the 720S, stops just as quick. It’s loud, raw, and a ton of fun on track.

McLaren provided the vehicle, transportation, accomodations, and meals for this video.

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26 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider – (Track) One Take”

  1. Matt- still wondering why when it comes to an expensive or a high hp car, it seems as though because you are the one always doing the One-Takes, that you aren't willing or trusting enough of Zach. Am I right in this?

  2. Another fantastic car from McLaren. but I would still take a nearly new 675LT Spider over this due to the fact the SUPER series car has active aero and hydraulic suspension.  Also the 675LT is LIMITED to just 500 worldwide whereas the 600LT is only limited to a production time frame which could result in 1000 being built

  3. I'm 6'5 and I cant get drive any of these cars i know i can fit but they wont let me with the helmet literally 1 inch too tall
    Great review

  4. idk if it's every possible – but after you've done your review is there ever the opportunity to get in-car footage of an instructors lap? I always love seeing pro-drivers do their thing with seemingly no effort 🙂

  5. Were you out there last week? I think it was just last week that I drove past the track and it had the McLaren flags out front. I wanted to check it out but I think its invite only.

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