Hot Wheels: 300 HP, 50 mph South Bay 725RS “Tri-Toon” – One Wake

Hot Wheels: 300 HP, 50 mph South Bay 725RS “Tri-Toon” – One Wake

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 300 HP, 50 mph South Bay 725RS “Tri-Toon” – One Wake

The South Bay 725RS is part of a new trend of faster, better handling, more luxurious, and more expensive pontoon boats. Unlike the pontoon boats of old, these new models have a third, central pontoon, bigger engines (up to DUAL 300 HP Outboards), beautifully trimmed interiors, and powerful stereo and lighting systems for turning heads on the water.

This One Wake was made possible by Jon Stovall, Parker, and the kind folks at Gainesville Marina & Boat Sales, Lake Lanier, Georgia

Learn more about the 725RS DC Arch and other fast pontoon & tri-toon boats at:

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30 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 300 HP, 50 mph South Bay 725RS “Tri-Toon” – One Wake”

  1. hhhahahaha – if you spend a 100 Gs on a Pontoon/Tri-toon boat you have to be pretty stupid. Pretty F-ing stupid. I like a good Party boat but dam people…. 100 Gs can get you a really really nice party boat with a CABIN! lol

  2. "Does it handle?!" I would be terrified having this Matt drive me in a boat. This is NOT a car dude. You get in some fast ones and pull the wheel you're going to get wet at best, dead at worst.

  3. Is it just me or does the idea of a dozen people on a pontoon boat drinking beer going 60 mph sound like a recipe for disaster.? I guess I'm just getting old. lol

  4. I grew up on boats. My Parents had boats on Lake Michigan for 25 years. I love em but I also remember a sign my Dad had on our 42 ft Christ Craft. It said definition of a boat: it’s a hole in the water that you throw money into!!! LOL!!! Which can be true, however we used ours like a vacation cottage. So if you subtract the property Taxes’s and the higher cost of the land based building. It probably was not that expensive, (yea rite!!!) except the yearly maintenance and the fact that it got about 7 th’s of a mile to a gallon of gas!!!! It was powered by 2-283 cid V8 motors swinging 2-22inch props!! Ours was a wood boat so the bottom had to be repainted every year and it had to be completely checked bow to stern for any dry rot. It typically toot us a month of weekends to get it ready for the water each season. But it was worth it!!!! It also provided my Dad and I a great father and Son bonding experience. One year we both took the US Power Squadron Course where we learned how to plot courses and other cool marine stuff. Of course who needs Course plotting with all the GPS technology that we have today. However that was back in the 70’s.

  5. My first experience with a pontoon was when I was 15 and a developer on our lake in NH hired me to show perspective customers around. Absolutely HATED that thing. 40HP Johnson, top speed of about 10mph. Took what felt like hours to get across the lake. Fast forward to today and these things rock. I'm really thinking about getting rid of my 23' Chaparral and going with one of these. So much more room and you never have to worry about chipping or scratching the gel coat. If you're boating on a lake these things are just way more practical.

  6. Growing up, my father always had speed boats. I would make fun of pontoon boats as we flew past them.

    Now hes starting to get a little older, he recently traded the speed boat in for a Pontoon, and I'm in love. When I buy a boat, itll definitely be a Pontoon.

    The truth is, when you're flying 40mph or so, the engine is loud, the wind is loud, it's fun for a little, but on the lake theres no destination. I'm just driving on the lake for the sake of driving on the lake.

    I can comfortably bring 8 or so friends out, and just park cruise along. Park somewhere and drink beer, swim, grill, and hang out.

    Theres multiple decks and doors. Overall, I just get a much more fun experience in a day of boating on a pontoon boat.

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