Hot Wheels: 300 WHP Big Turbo Ford Fiesta ST – One Take

Hot Wheels: 300 WHP Big Turbo Ford Fiesta ST – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 300 WHP Big Turbo Ford Fiesta ST – One Take

We have lots of experience with bolt-on parts for the Fiesta ST after our COBB-Tuned long-termer, but this is a horse of a different turbo. This Fiesta ST has an upgraded turbocharger, and a massive list of aftermarket engine and power adding parts resulting in an almost unbelievable 300 horsepower at the wheels. It’s an absolute riot to rip through a canyon.

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31 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 300 WHP Big Turbo Ford Fiesta ST – One Take”

  1. I bought 2013 Focus ST new; owned 7 years and still love it. I don't think there is a big difference between the Fiesta ST and focus, other than the Delta in HP. Why would you want a Fiesta over a focus when they make far less power and less performance all the way round'?
    The Fiesta is "cute" but other than that what's the big deal. I like power…the fiesta has none. I would go for an RS if the engine wasn't suspect…. I know the gasket…but that seems flimsy to me. IMHO Cheers.

  2. what does the gearbox say to these mods? one friend of mine has Revo Stage3 with 300bhp, uses his FiST only for the racetrack (and the about 100km towards the Nordschleife) but he needs two new gearboxes every year. He acclerates and shifts quite hard, but it is okay. So is the gearbox a general problem, or is it just him?

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