Hot Wheels: 330 HP All Motor 2007 Honda Civic – One Take

Hot Wheels: 330 HP All Motor 2007 Honda Civic – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 330 HP All Motor 2007 Honda Civic – One Take

This Honda Civic Si was built by Emmanuel Burciaga of NA Performance, and is currently making 330 horsepower from a high-compression 2.5L stroker engine running Ethanol blend. The parts list is ridiculously extensive, and while this isn’t a project Emmanuel recommends for his customers, it’s a testament to the kind of speed and power possible without turbocharging a Honda engine.

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Check out the ridiculous mod list on Wheelwell!

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22 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 330 HP All Motor 2007 Honda Civic – One Take”

  1. God damn 330 Hp without turbo charging on such a small engine. This is what a tuner looks like, incredibly jealous of this beast.

  2. please please PLEASE, do MORE naturally aspirated engines, not less! I'd like for you guys to find a GOOD 5th gen prelude(not necessarily a drag car) that is all motor. there's no turbo engine anywhere that sounds as good as an all motor engine! a "hill climb" car, or an auto cross type car would make a good video. everyone and their brother builds and races civics. I'd like to see a good 5th gen prelude to dispel some of the myths that say preludes cant be fast, or corner well

  3. Great video, awesome car! In all honesty, I’ve driven quite a few high horsepower, giant turbo cars. They’re fun as hell… however, the best fun I’ve ever had in a car was in a lightly tuned Honda Fit. Banging through gears, and being able to put it to the floor Revving the engine to the redline is just a super pure feeling. So much more satisfying to drive a slow car fast.

  4. Don't end Civics or WRX/STIs, I love seeing an all motor Civic that if it had a dual clutch transmission would run higher 10s. Like this car.

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