Hot Wheels: 370 WHP Supercharged Porsche 928S – One Take

Hot Wheels: 370 WHP Supercharged Porsche 928S – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 370 WHP Supercharged Porsche 928S – One Take

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This 1988 Porsche 928S is a higher-mile example that was used as a daily driver for 11 years before being configured with its current VCB Engineering Rotrex Supercharger Kit and tuned by ATS Racing of Denton, TX. It makes 370 WHP on just 5 PSI of boost. It features an updated suspension with Koni 3-way adjustable shocks.

Special thanks to ATS Racing of Denton, TX for having me out to drive all these great cars! If you have and oddball car that needs forced induction, give ATS Racing a call!

Special thanks to Eagles Canyon Raceway for the track time! For track rental or membership inquiry visit:

Special thanks to Mason Bleadsell and Thomas Le for the cover photos and drive-by shot assistance.

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48 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 370 WHP Supercharged Porsche 928S – One Take”

  1. you will NOT cook that engine with proper maintenance on that 5L, it doesn't get broken in until 125k. You can't have a 928 sitting…that V8 needs to be driven

  2. The 928 was a good clean looking car and a manual would have probably been a lot more fun. I think it’s aged well and still looks great and would be a great and enjoyable collector car for years to come….

  3. I have a 84 with a 85 4 speed auto ready for future ( soon ) turbo charger. It is very easy to fix that ( lazy ) feel of the transmission . Take the vacuum module hose off and plug the hose. Crank the T screw on 4 full turns OR MORE and tighten up the kick down cable as much as you can . It will shift like a race car. Higher rpm and each shift feels like you hit something. This does ZERO harm The shift hardness can be adjusted with the module t screw . this makes a HUGE difference BIG TIME. Mine also ALWAYS starts in 1st gear. I have a feeling someone did a valve body modification to make that happen.

  4. I'm sorry I'm sorry, i have to interrupt this nonesense. My 928 s4 is making 375 WHP and there is absolutely no compressor on it. All that was necessary was removing the rediculous ECU that is in there from factory which is incredibly inefficient as it fires the injector during the exhaust stroke, and install a VEMS ECU and solder a new wiring loom, replace the ancient ignition system with coils from a Cayenne and run on 98 octane fuel with a tune to make over what this mate made with his supercharger. Just a little bit of thought works better than slapping on a supercharger for a 928.

  5. This is by far the favorite car of all of the 67 cars in my life. Yes, I have had faster, handled better, braked better, better mpg; yet this car has a soul that not even my 02 911T does not have. It is that sound at start up that gets the hard on in the AM.

  6. I copped an add just to watch this video and i will probably cop an ad inbetween.. then the first minute the guy in the video trys to sell me something. Is this what youtube has become?

  7. I can't imagine using an automatic transmission car around a racetrack – without a modern paddle shifter, that is. Sounds really good, though. Love the car otherwise. That noise is probably from the blow-off valve, not a wastegate (wastegates are on a turbo's exhaust side, rather than the compressed air side going into the cylinders) – sometimes supercharger companies put them on centrifugal chargers so they can use a smaller pulley and build power at lower rpm, then vent the excess pressure at high rpm so the engine doesn't blow. They are common on turbos, but not as much on superchargers. But centrifugal chargers don't have the linear boost of a roots-type charger – they really build in the higher rpm ranges. So to move the torque to lower rpm, mid-range is "over-boosted" and the blow-off valve vents the excess. He boosted very mildly – 5 pounds – so he probably did this to fatten up the torque curve by bringing in the 5 lb boost earlier.

  8. Lol you trip me out Matt as such a heavy car guy you are.
    When I was a kid I remember going LACR and seeing a supercharged 928 run 11’s on street tires. That car beat on 2 brand new at the time Cobra mustangs all night long. I got a soft spot for these fersure

  9. Most superchargers have bypass valve not a blow off valve. I think that was the term Matt was searching for, but couldn't remember.
    "A Blow Off Valve (BOV) is a valve that is mounted on the intake pipe after the turbo but before the throttle body. … The bypass valve serves the same function as a BOV, but recirculates the vented air back to the compressor inlet, rather than to the atmosphere as with a BOV."

  10. Good video. I recommend driving an '86.5 given the chance, or anything from '85-86.5 with the 5.0 32V but without the added weight of the S4, and if you could find one of the manuals, I think you will enjoy it even more.

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