Hot Wheels: 446 HP DINAN ‘S2’ BMW M2 – One Take

Hot Wheels: 446 HP DINAN ‘S2’ BMW M2 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 446 HP DINAN ‘S2’ BMW M2 – One Take

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BMW’s M2 is a connoisseur’s favorite at the moment, mainly because it’s the smallest and most engaging M-car of the current lineup. And when Matt drove one on track at Gingerman Raceway, he found it delightful at the circuit, but abusive on the street. DINAN has transformed the M2 by not only adding 100 HP and 100 lb/ft over stock, but also swapping out the suspension for more compliant coil-overs, improving both performance and ride quality. They’ve added big brakes, custom wheels, and some nice carbon touches to round out the whole package.
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24 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 446 HP DINAN ‘S2’ BMW M2 – One Take”

  1. I hate Chevy but I'd buy a 1LE before this thing… 45k and the same amount of bang.
    Or a performance pack 2 Mustang GT.
    Better yet I could buy both of those cars and come out close to what they payed for that.

  2. The one thing I can say about the seat is you never notice it. I've had a 228 for about 2 years and a M2 now. I've known about the seat being off to the left the whole time but it just doesn't bother me at all and no one I've let drive either car said anything about it

  3. LOVE the channel… I have a question, completely unrelated to cars. In this video you are wearing some kick ass sun glasses, mind sharing the brand and model???

  4. Too much money. Lousy bang for the buck here. Like all "brand" name auto products you pay approximately 40% surcharge just for the brand. Porsche is a great example, design, materials build of 911 is around a 70k car. Then Porsche guy walks out of showroom and glues a Porsche badge to the hood and puts 180k for sticker. Its a riot. Take the zl1 1le, take ezact same car and if it had a Porsche badge it would be 190 ro 210k, exactly the same design, materials and build.

  5. It is heartening to see a person driving the M2, or any car, with both hands on the steering wheel. I watch You Tube car videos a lot and far too many of the drivers use only one hand, no hands ! or one finger. Driving a 3500 pound machine requires concentration and both hand s on the wheel. Thanks for setting a great example………and for describing Dinan products. I have a one year old M2 and wish I had the $$$ to install some Dinan stuff.

  6. Hey Matt how do u feel about the handling of the m2 compared to an e92 m3 or an (comparable size/weight e46 m3). Do u feel that getting a car that has depreciated is more worth while, than buying a m2 which is not NA but can make power easily with a tune and likely handles better than a e92 m3 stock for stock?

  7. Love the m2 definitely trying to save up for one, so many new performance cars are to big this car is a nice size and still has a decent engine in a time when every car company seems to be going 4 cylinders

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