Hot Wheels: 450 HP Ford Focus ST Time Attack Car – One Take

Hot Wheels: 450 HP Ford Focus ST Time Attack Car – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 450 HP Ford Focus ST Time Attack Car – One Take

This 2013 Ford Focus ST has pretty much reached the end of what is possible with a Front-drive platform. It makes 450 horsepower and 400 lb/ft thanks to an extensive list of engine modifications including a built Hollands Performance 2.0L engine with a Garrett GTX 2867R turbo. It has a race-spec roll cage, full suspension, and is as extreme as any front-drive vehicle I’ve ever tested.

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41 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 450 HP Ford Focus ST Time Attack Car – One Take”

  1. my Focus ST is better i have a cold air intake….Tube…… just the tube. i kept the stock box. but added a 3" duct to run to the front grill. along with the 2 stock ducts. so yea that makes it a better faster car overall. i still run the stock turbo too, because its like……super good. i didnt get the big turbo becuase i didnt like it, not because my dad said he wouldn't pay my insurance if i bought it. fuck you for even thinking that. mine is stage 3 tho makin 297 wheel. funny i have 3K in the engine and the best mod i did was put Michelin pilot sport 3"s on the thing. those made the biggest difference even more than the massive intercooler. and my car being better was a joke btw. this guy would poop on RS;s let alone me

  2. Either this car is a strictly track car or bye bye registration. 99 percent of these videos are in CA. No way he is passing smog on full exhaust and a built motor running meth. Or option C is he has a smog guy lol

  3. I like the way they present cars and road ride , i like this since i feel how car goes more without even sitting it in it helps to make decision 🙂

  4. This guy is as stuck up as they get ! Real car builders who work there ass off to build something like this definitely wouldn't have acted like this twerp! Mommy as daddy's credit card at work here everyone! This twerp doesn't need the attention.

  5. wonder what kinda craziness might befall upon the ford focus rs, when people start cnc'ing forged internals, sleeves, and other important high tolerance bits!!!! I'd like to believe that the focus rs could pump out another 100 hp from that block with some new pistons, connecting rods and other high failure parts.

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