Hot Wheels: 4AGE "Blacktop" Swapped 1995 Toyota Corolla – One Take

Hot Wheels: 4AGE "Blacktop" Swapped 1995 Toyota Corolla – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 4AGE "Blacktop" Swapped 1995 Toyota Corolla – One Take

This 1995 Toyota Corolla features a high-revving, 175-horsepower 4AGE “Blacktop” 20-Valve JDM Engine swap, with a manual transmission. The 4AGE engine is more commonly found on the earlier, rear-drive AE86 models, but this front-drive AE101 model, unloved as it is in car-guy circles, proves to be a manic good time, though it was sorely in need of new tires.

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36 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 4AGE "Blacktop" Swapped 1995 Toyota Corolla – One Take”

  1. I have a 95 1.6 auto 178,000 miles. all stock. it's rusted to hell but runs like brand new…runs quiet too….its not for racing obviously but its the most reliable car ive ever had…got it for $500 5yrs ago.

  2. Well in Barbados we call that a GT Corolla convert because there is a AE100&110 GT Corolla that comes built like that from Japan stock but the the 6sp come over in the bzr Ae111 and some BZ touring wagon

  3. People really underestimate small sedans. Any thing can be made fun even my little 2010 hyundai elantra I can get it up to 160 to 165hp with just swapping the crank from a sonata G4GM/F motor and swapping cams from a beta 1 engine with their 1.8L pistons the compression ratio hits just under 12 : 1. If you can't afford a sports car whats wrong with building the one you got?

  4. We raced a 1992 toyota corolla (small body as its known here in the philippines) modded with this motor against my friend's civic with a b16 motor (phdm version). We spotted the corolla with 9 body lengths. We lost by a fender. Not hating but the blacktop motor is garbage.

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