Hot Wheels: 500 WHP Supercharged 2016 Camaro SS – One Take

Hot Wheels: 500 WHP Supercharged 2016 Camaro SS – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 500 WHP Supercharged 2016 Camaro SS – One Take

This 2016 Camaro SS features a street-level tune Vortech V3 Centrifugal Supercharger which adds 100 HP and 100 lb/ft of torque to the Camaro’s already potent LT1 engine, for a streetable 500 WHP on pump gas.

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45 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 500 WHP Supercharged 2016 Camaro SS – One Take”

  1. He gained he 130hp, I say pretty good. I was thinking of adding a used zl1 supercharger to my car
    I can get it for $2,000 less than this unit. Use the $2k for headers and a small cam..

  2. Power seems off. I'm running a procharger f1r on a 2011 mustang gt making 900 rwhp on 93 octane and meth injection. I would see if the tune is off. That mustang dyno shouldn't be off that much.

  3. A 455+HP and Tq car for under $40 USD and this simpleton is griping about a hard plastic panel the no one touches…except him. Can't make this sh!t up.

  4. Question he said in Track mode it softens the response up? Is that a result of the tune or from the factory? I just bought a 2017 2SS and ride in track mode most of the time with traction control off. I’ve only had it for 3 days so I haven’t noticed a major difference yet.

  5. What you guys have to understand is that a dyno is just a tool used for tuning the car. Some dynos read dramtically lower than others and some read very high.

  6. So, did he make this into a 1LE spec? It's got the 1LE wheels and front splitter at least. IMO the rear spoiler on the SS is the worst part, and if I had an SS I'd switch it to the 1LE spoiler first thing.

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