Hot Wheels: 630 WHP Cadillac CTS-V Wagon – One Take

Hot Wheels: 630 WHP Cadillac CTS-V Wagon – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: 630 WHP Cadillac CTS-V Wagon – One Take

The CTS-V Wagon, specifically the manual transmission version, is a sure-fire collectors item down the line, but is equally wonderful to drive. And with just a few bolt-on parts, you can make really big power safely. This example makes 630 HP at the wheels!

Check out Zach’s CTS-V on WheelWell!

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32 Replies to “Hot Wheels: 630 WHP Cadillac CTS-V Wagon – One Take”

  1. Another great idea GM Holton I don't know what the hell they're problem is they stop building the Cadillac CTS spec big they should have kept on producing it people love that car it's the best of everything it's got the most luxury that an American car can offer and the balls used engine and drivetrain

  2. Does this guy have a Che Guevera shirt on? What a f**** loser if he does. Everybody thinks it's so cool to have this murderous socialist on their shirt, who is a big supporter of Castro, really really stupid people celebrate this piece of s***.

  3. My mom has a Prius, which I occasionally drive. However, I'm the kind of guy who likes to squeeze all 130 horsepower out of the Prius. I don't think Matt would mind being stuck behind me.

  4. Another good point of view, thanks. Instant fuel economy is irrelevant though.

    There is a lot of good information and I enjoy these reviews. What I really would like to see at the end of each episode is some type of a summary of the pros and cons, maybe a 1 to 10 scale with five or more categories? If I watch one of these, its usually because I am interested in buying/building something similar. So perhaps more insight into (and all I care about is) ….value vs other similar cars? Ease of drifting? Butt dyno? What makes this better or worse than other similar cars? Fun factor? etc.

  5. I'm convinced that when you buy a Prius the actually remove the glass from the mirrors. They never check who's around them. Like horses with fucking blinders on.

  6. you can justify buying performance parts and enjoy driving b/c wagon space, corvette power, and will get respect from any enthusiast of motorsport

  7. 2017 Truly the best cars for overall performance and luxury. If u want a ZO6 and you do not have plans on having that car on the track than you need to get the Cadillac. Really comes down to if your a person who will go a race the track or not.
    1.E63 AMG

  8. I've got the Coupe version averaging 16 mpg with regular high speed canyon driving so gas gas mileage not as dire as indicated here, but then again, I'm not doing 180 mph on the salt flat

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