Hot Wheels: Adaptive KW DDC Coil-Overs and new MOUNTUNE Exhaust on the Focus RS!

Hot Wheels: Adaptive KW DDC Coil-Overs and new MOUNTUNE Exhaust on the Focus RS!

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Adaptive KW DDC Coil-Overs and new MOUNTUNE Exhaust on the Focus RS!

After 18 months unsatisfied with the ride quality of the Focus RS, Matt and the guys from Mountune USA reached out to KW to source one of the first sets of their new Dynamic Damper Control Coil Overs. This is an OEM-replacement plug-and-play system that retains the RS’s existing adaptive drive modes, and manual height adjustment. Mountune then installed their in-house catback valved exhuast and charge pipe upgrade kit, along with the newest version of their 91-octane software.

See the KW DDC Coil Over Kit for Mk3 Focus RS Here:

See the Mountune Exhaust for Focus RS Here:

See the Mountune Charge Pipe Upgrade kit for Focus RS here:

KW Provided the prototype DDC Suspension Kit, Mountune provided the Exhaust and Charge Pipe kit + Installation of all the items and alignment at no charge, for this video.

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42 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Adaptive KW DDC Coil-Overs and new MOUNTUNE Exhaust on the Focus RS!”

  1. I have the KW Variant 3 for the RS and love them; very stiff, no roll or nose dive. I feel every nook and cranny and the car is very darty, like a race car 🙂 California roads are undriveable but its a 6 miles round trip daily and track car.

  2. The ride quality & MPG is what is making me nervous about buying one. Is there any way to rent an RS for a day before spending 35k & realizing I made a mistake?

  3. i love listening to your comments, and i know you got a concept going on here. but lots of people and i wish that you do your videos in pov style in car cam. and i know it will boost your channel for lot better. greetings from turkey!!

  4. Since you get to drive so many types of cars, some being high end super cars, do you still enjoy getting in your Focus RS? Does it still bring a smile to your face? That's what it's really all about, just finding joy in your own vehicle, not comparing your car to other vehicles or if it's faster or slower than others.

  5. There is a huge design flaw with the block of all focus rs's the coolant passages are open and not reinforced it sucks but it is a ticking time bomb of an engine.

  6. The stock suspension isn't as bad as you say at all. My RS is the one car I've had that I don't feel the need to touch suspension wise. I've got bumpy ass roads or have doggo in the car I leave it in Sport but once I've got some open road straight into Track and I'm smiling ear to ear.
    Only thing I'll probably be touching is seat lowering kit so I feel more part of the car, rest is continuing to make it go even faster 😉
    Sure if you've got $7.5k Aussie go nuts but way better things to drop that amount of cash on IMO

  7. Love the New Zealand plug 🙂 , My 2017 Focus RS arrives next week very exciting 🙂 , while my 2016 Stage 2+ Mustang GT goes to a new home 🙁 , looks like i won't miss it much after watching your review. The overwhelming comment is the ride quality so thanks for the tip and this will be the first thing i'll try to address, Great videos Matt.

  8. Will ford ever make a performance car that doesn't have to be 'upgraded' or basically have 1000's chucked at it to make it barely acceptable? Yes! it's called a basic ford focus and it rides just fine – so just swap to the base car suspension and save a fortune. Mazda understand this completely with the ND

  9. i find these new coilovers for most of these cars ridiculous, i own a 2018 golf R which doesn't have a great balance between race and comfort because of the shitty DCC system these new cars decide to incorporate. I was looking into swapping it out which i am in the process of doing and KW DCC compatible coils retail for 4k CAD lol for a suspension 4k?? Thats insane ended up going with Bilstein B14 which was 1/4 of the price and does the same thing and i just need to install a DCC delete kit on. Just wanted to rant how stupid these new DCC systems are or in Matts case DDC wish they just kept it simple.

  10. WHAT are the damper settings on these KW dampers? I had a set of V3s on a Fiesta ST, and if memory serves, there are 9 jounce settings at the top of the shock, and SIXTEEN settings for rebound at the bottom. What did Matt have installed, as to settings? THANKS!

  11. LMAO. Love how you said "JUST UNDER $4,000." I am a previous Evo 8 owner and miss the awd turbo 4 cylinder. I am thinking the RS will be my next vehicle. Nice car by the way.

  12. And then you have Nasa, i mean Honda, who magically got rid of torque steer in a 300 hp front driver. Im sorry, but this car is overpriced. Us Superbike guys are spoiled rotten. We get all the bells and whistles, from launch control and pit limiters, to semi active suspension and drift control. Christ, i can even download tracks onto my bike and set it up for each corner.

  13. RS Owner here. My car was built within the range of dates possibly effected, so yes, I got the letter from Ford titled "Customer Satisfaction Program 17B32." Ford is asking the owners to bring the cars in for a cylinder pressure test. Cars that pass the test get a new head gasket. Cars that fail get a new gasket and a cylinder head assembly. Took my car to the dealer, they checked it, it passed; my dealer has not yet found a single car that needs a head. So next week i'm getting a new head gasket and i'm perfectly content and comfortable with that, a great insurance policy actually. So for those of you that think Ford is messed up about this head gasket issue, it's your problem, not us RS owner's problem.

  14. Why you gotta hate on the 996 engine. IMS issues affect like 8% of motors, there are hundreds of them with 150k+ miles on the original bearing (lets not forget tha any bearing has a shelf life). I have a focus RS as well and love your videos on them but stop throwing shade at my other vehicle.

  15. Matt-Just ordered this suspension from Mountune and they will be installing 2/13/18. Hope you are not upselling this since you got your setup for free. I am paying $$$! Looking at their ECU tuning states not legal to use on public streets but only off road. Edit: Matt, while pricey the suspension change is immediately noticeable for the better. Like you stated the car feels more planted to the road and this is confidence inspiring. Agree with you feels like a different car in ride and handling.

  16. Matt, is the performance difference/ride quality better or worse than Ohlins cars that you've driven? Ohlins have taken the cake for me, nothing has seemed evenly remotely as good.

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